Hemaya Security Solutions

Hemaya is a legally registered and privately owned security company, founded in Ramallah and managed by professionals with a wide security experience. They are distinguished among their competitors by the substantial investment in Information Technology to manage service quality. As a result of their service quality control, they have obtained a significant share of the Palestinian market, where they provide their security services to a number of the largest companies in the country. Hemaya has a solid operational and administrative setup in Ramallah to cover an already substantial security function. They have upwards of 300 security officers dedicated to their various clients. Hemaya is the only local security company that has three operation rooms working 24/7 in Ramallah, Nablus and Bethlehem. Hemaya provides “real time” security updates, surveys and reports to its fast growing list of clients. They submit regular security updates to local leading businesses, and they firmly believe in the concept of sharing information with clients as it is, undoubtedly, beneficial to achieving mutual support everyone’s needs.   MISSION Hemaya shall be modern and globally oriented in features and specifications, and shall contribute to security, safety, community service, and development of the country.   VISION Hemaya shall ensure administrative, technical and field systems that work efficiently and effectively, where every employee feels responsible for providing high-quality security services and solutions. Hemaya shall have a name characterized by security, trade perspectives that add to the site it belongs to.   PHILOSOPHY Hemaya is a company of security professionals combined by the highest standards of integrity, quality and respect for every associate. Established in 2005, they have grown substantially and are now one of the leading service providers for security needs in the region. They understand that their client satisfaction is their main asset. They are located in a high risk market due to the political, occupational and security complications in the area, yet they will never sacrifice service for growth, and they will never outgrow the fundamental characteristics of thoroughness, responsiveness, accessibility and agility which attract their clients to their company in the first place.   VALUES Sincerity: is the core of their strategy with their customers. Innovation: is what they seek through the provision of security services, solutions, and distinctive initiatives. Proficiency: in their work, they employ scientific methods, modern technology and global standards. Perseverance: hard, constant work at all stages of implementation.   POLICY Hemaya adopts the principle of total quality in its different operations and services provided, in terms of: Selection of a high, scientifically qualified, and well-trained work teams, with sufficient experience to perform successful security concepts. Development of specific actions for the work to be performed. Setting norms and standards through which Performance Evaluation is done through implementation phases. Poll beneficiaries after implementation to verify the extent of satisfaction with the services provided. Follow-up evaluations after the end of the implementation to assure quality of work. Prioritizing and maximizing operational capabilities.
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Company Offices

  • Palestinian Territory, Occupied (headquarters)
  • Al- Quds Street – Ramallah