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Hibbard Consulting is a provider of Business Analysis and Architecture consultancy services to the financial services industry. Hibbard Consulting Ltd was founded in 2011 with a remit to provide real added value to organisations through the delivery of compelling and effective Business Analysis services.  With over eight years experience in Investment Banking technology and operations projects it is natural that this is the sector in which I mainly operate, and most recently, focussing on enterprise-wide infrastructure projects.  It is my belief that Business Analysts are critical to the success of IT projects. And yet, all too often projects fail principally because the time, focus and energy given at the analysis phase is woefully inadequate.  The result? More time spent developing and testing applications and projects delivered late, over-budget and with all-too-little tangible benefit realised.  As a freelance BA the goal is to deliver real tangible benefits to clients by: - Focussing on the needs of the enterprise – not just the immediate programme of work. - Using the right tools/techniques for the job – quite often the latest and 'sexiest' techniques and methods aren’t always appropriate. - Approaching each project with a fresh pair of eyes – all projects are different and as such, require a tailored approach. - Getting creative! It is his firm belief that business analysts are just as responsible (if not more so) than end users in engineering requirements to deliver maximum benefits and the best user experience possible.

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