High Tech Engineering Center (HTEC) Group, Inc.

HTEC Group is a consulting and technology R&D services company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Serbia, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the UK. HTEC brings together leading technology experts, creative thinkers, business consultants and over 300 engineers skilled in product development, hardware and firmware engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, and scalable cloud platforms to deliver fully integrated solutions. We are perfectly positioned to provide high-end technology solutions in support of demanding corporate clients looking to accelerate their business through digitizing operations, modernizing legacy technology, and developing new products and services. Through partnerships with leading scientific research organizations, global corporate customers, as well as some of the most disruptive startups, we are proud to be engaged in the development of products used by millions all over the world. The passion for solving complex engineering problems is embedded in the company’s DNA. Our core advantage lies in our experience working with the latest of the science and technology, methodologies, ideas and concepts. Our team delivers enterprise-grade solutions in an agile and efficient way. Our solutions support various industries including medical, transportation, collaboration, and productivity, real estate, retail, energy management, multimedia, robotics, and automation.
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Company Offices

  • Serbia
  • Belgrade
  • Milutina Milankovica 11/B
  • United States (headquarters)
  • San Francisco
  • 535 Mission st., 14th floor, San Francisco, USA
  • California