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Honduran Bank for Production and Housing (Banco Hondureno para la Produccion y la Vivienda - BANHPROVI)

BANHPROVI is a second-tier bank that has marked the history and development of Honduras since its inception. Since its origins, BANHPROVI's actions have been characterized by its search for innovation and the differentiation of everything that develops. As BANHPROVI is a public institution characterized by continuous improvement, it has implemented CSR as part of its daily activity. Thus, we have made a conscious and consistent commitment to fulfill our creation objective considering the economic, social and environmental expectations of our internal and external clients, demonstrating honesty and transparency in our actions, quality and professionalism in the provision of services, contributing to the socioeconomic development of the country. 1. Ethics and Corporate Governance Public ethics refers to the internal disposition of those who perform public functions to comply with the current legal framework and carry out their role in terms of efficiency, integrity, transparency and orientation to the common good.  Thus: 1-Compliance with the Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information 2-Conformation of the Ethics Committee 2. Quality of Life in the Company They comprise all policies and practices related to work carried out within, by, or on behalf of the organization, including subcontracted work as well as the promotion of transparent labor relations based on dialogue and respect. It covers human management policies that affect workers, such as compensation and benefits, administrative career, training and personal development, the environment and conditions where they work, "health, safety and hygiene", diversity, gender equality and promotion. healthy life among others; It also includes topics such as work-time balance and concern for the worker and her family, etc. 3. Linking and Commitment to the Community It is the wide range of actions that BANHPROVI performs to maximize the impact of its contributions, whether in money, time and resources, products, services, knowledge or others to improve the quality of life and development of the communities in which it operates, either individually or in collaboration with other actors.
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Company Offices

  • Honduras
  • Tegucigalpa
  • Central America Boulevard, La Alhambra Shopping Center, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, CA