HP Investing d.o.o.

HP INVESTING Ltd. Mostar is a business, legal and proprietary successor of the independent craft workshop "Građevinar" Mostar, founded in 1980. Under its present name and with an expanded activity manages a business in the investment market since 1995. The main activity of the company is a construction and reconstruction of transport infrastructure facilities (roads, bridges, tunnels, parterres, etc.). HP Investing Ltd. mostar The production of the concrete products for the transportation and infrastructure facilities (curbs, channels, gutters, tiles, concrete pipes: solid and drainage) is also one of the primary activities of the HP INVESTING Ltd. Mostar. They also manage the production, transport services and installation of all types of MB concretes (normal, high-quality concrete and hydro-technical). In their construction endeavors, they are guided by the idea that in an efficient, fast way and following the high quality standards, they satisfy the requirements of their investors. The professional and quality staff, and modern construction machinery and equipment are the basic force of the company in the successful implementation of the projects. Nevertheless they cooperate with many domestic and foreign suppliers of materials and equipment, as well as with the proven and top quality sub-contractors while performing the specialized construction work. The basic values of the company are the performances of the work in accordance with the agreed deadlines and quality and the continuous communication with the client of the project in order to avoid any irregularities that may occur during the execution of the agreed deal. Since its founding, the company has been in constant expansion with the aim for further business development.  
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Company Offices

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (headquarters)
  • Mostar
  • Bišće polje bb, 88000 Mostar