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  • Organization TypeInvestment & Finance
  • HeadquartersTajikistan
  • Founded2004
Humo and Partners, a Limited Liability Corporation, is a micro-finance institution. Their focus is on providing quality, easily accessible financial services for the rural population of Tajikistan, as well as to help grow and expand small and mid-size businesses in RT. Humo and Partners is a leading MFI in the region, differentiating themselves through high quality standards and using modern technology to serve the clients. Their organization works in accordance to the industry best practices, including quality management, positive relationships with banks, government bodies, and emphasis on serving the clients. At the present time, in Tajikistan, there are about 12 commercial banks, 6 of which offer micro-financing options. There are also over a 100 micro-finance institutions, 37 of which are considered to be large or mid-sized. Humo and Partners is one of the top leading MFIs who are members of AMFOT. The total number of active clients among the AMFOT members in Tajikistan was 93,965, 8.39% of which are clients of «Humo and Partners» (end of Dec, 2008). The total portfolio among AMFOT members reached $71,04,052 USD, 7.62% of which belongs to HUMO and Partners. HUMO and Partners has a wide geographical reach and works in 28 regions of Tajikistan, as well as cities, such as Dushanbe, Kurgan-Tube, Yavan and Kulyab. Expansion of the branch network, high standard of quality, and offering of accessible and affordable services strengthens the place of our organization, as one of the leaders of the indystry. On an international, rating portal MIX Market, our organization received the maximum rating possible — 5 diamonds. This represents the level of transparency by each MFI. Over 75% of our active portfolio is composed of group loans, 88% of our active portfolio is targeted to service the rural population, while 45% goes towards women. Our organization has extensive experience with group lending, although that is deemed to be a riskier option, since group members do not offer any collateral, but rather simply guarantee each other's repayments. We developed and implemented a strategy for efficient individual and, particularly, group lending. This has allowed us to support our our social mission, which is to help the development of small to mid size business and agriculture. MISSION Their mission is to provide quality, easily accessible financial services for the rural population of Tajikistan, as well as help to help grow and expand small and mid-size businesses in RT. VISION By 2012, their organization plans to become one the leading MFIs in Tajikistan, providing high quality and accessible services to its clients, responding to the interests of its owners and clients, expanding its activities to new geographic regions and having a broad network of branches and suboffices in Dushanbe, RRS, Khatlon and Soghd regions. In RRS, Organization plans to be present in the following settlements: Gissar, Vahdat, Shahrinav, Rudaky, Faizabad, Varzob, and Tursunzade. By 2012, twenty five branches are intended to be opened with at least 58 sub offices. Loan portfolio will amount to about 214.7 mil. Tajik somoni and number of active clients would  reach approximately 45,000 people.

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  • Dushanbe
  • Tolstoy 18