• Organization TypeFoundation
  • HeadquartersHungary
  • Founded1990

Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Promotion (MVA)

Founded in 1990, the Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Development is a public benefit foundation, an independent organization that acts as a program implementation institution for the government's economic development strategy and small and medium-sized business development program. The Foundation is a service organization whose main task is to promote the development of a group of outstanding importance in this social and economic policy through its services to domestic small and medium-sized enterprises. The range of services covers both start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises that are capable of economic and market consolidation. The operation of the Foundation promotes better preparation for joining the European Union, mobilizing the resources for economic growth, The activity of the Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Development is nationally implemented, its programs are implemented by regional, county and sometimes micro-regional orientation. Its main partners - the partly founded by it - local business development foundations and centers. It is a legitimate peer-to-peer co-operation to implement common programs with them. The Foundation is a decisive institution for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary, seeking long-term partnerships with other organizations involved in business development: small business entrepreneurs, chambers, regional development institutions, NGOs, credit institutions and other financiers. The Foundation attaches particular importance to the ongoing and effective cooperation with the European Union since 1992, which focuses on maintaining and further enriching it. The strategy defining the activities of the Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Development in the medium term is based on two long-lasting values: the knowledge gained through cooperation with the European Union and the network presence will ensure a national presence. Its primary task is to provide service programs that can be national or regional and can be targeted at the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. An important pursuit is the continuous provision of basic services (start-ups, training of entrepreneurs, information services, microcredit, etc.) that are generally available to businesses. In addition, it also carries out the task of satisfying the needs of specific groups of entrepreneurs (eg sporting enterprises, disabled people, cross-border entrepreneurship, etc.). Within the framework of the Foundation's professional programs, more emphasis will be placed on co-operative programs (eg supply, joint export, regional complex services) to support the co-operation and co-development of entrepreneurs, similar to the practice of the European Union. Financial assistance, as in previous years, continues to be a priority for micro and small enterprises. The ongoing evaluation and efficiency testing of these programs will promote the improvement of services and the identification of new directions of action.
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