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i2i Development Global, an Indigenous owned global business, acknowledge that Indigenous people have their own languages and dialects, spiritual beliefs and social, family and political institutions that are very different from those of mainstream society. i2i has taken an affirmative approach by recognising that people who live their Indigenous culture and beliefs are more effective in engaging and capacity developing Indigenous people from developing countries. The i2i Delivery Method acknowledges that the traditional model of delivering international aid is by implementing program designs developed by talented and well-meaning non-Indigenous professionals who rarely possess a pre-colonial culture of their own. Their experience has shown that Indigenous people who are deployed to capacity develop a community of Indigenous peoples in another country or territory do so very efficiently. It is as if a rapport and trust is acknowleged from the outset of an introduction simply on the basis of people who live their culture and beliefs carry attributes which are detected by other Indigenous peoples as a similarity. This is in contrast to non-Indigenous dwellers or colonials, who can try to adapt and exercise behaviours which are deemed respectful but nevertheless transmit stereotypes. Daniel Ames of Columbia University refers to ‘projection and stereotyping in mental state inference’. These inferences are judgements about what others think, want and feel and are considered central to social life. According to Ames, targeted (Indigenous) people learn that they share a specific attribute with other (Indigenous) people and from this they expect a broad correspondence between their own thoughts and the targets. No one can disagree that having a rapport with another person does facilitate rapid transfer of ideas and early adoption of innovations. So, i2i builds on the paradigm that Indigenous talent of one culture can efficiently and effectively project, with very little cognitive effort, to Indigenous people of another culture, in contrast to stereotyping. Indigenous people who live their culture and beliefs appear to have attributes which promote a sense of self or similarity with other Indigenous peoples, something colonials or mainstream individuals may find constraining. Their Mission To increase the long-term prosperity of Indigenous communities and emerging economies by leveraging Indigenous peoples links internationally. Drawing on a respect for Indigenous culture, values and beliefs, they empower individuals and communities through facilitating business ownership and decent work opportunities, fair commercial partnerships, access to capital investments and facilitating Indigenous to Indigenous delivery of services. i2i Provides Value to your Organisation Whether you are a Development Partner seeking to maximise the benefits from your aid and investments, or a multinational company seeking to establish greater business linkages with developing communities, i2i provides value by: - Elevating the voice of Indigenous people and recognising the growing stream of educated and experienced - Indigenous professionals; - Inspiring trustful relationships through alignment of shared values across cultures; - Empowering long-term development impacts for projects by integrating:  > Indigenous engagement in the design and delivery of services > market drivers and capacity to embed new technologies  - Introducing business models that incentivises locally owned and profitable businesses; - Creating new and decent work opportunities and skills for Indigenous Australians and residents of developing communities; - Increasing commercial opportunities and partnerships for Indigenous business; - Increasing access to capital to invest in Indigenous enterprises. Their People i2i was originally established with four professional and inspiring Indigenous Australians whom invested time and resources into the business. Qualified individuals seeking to provide contract services are included on their Register of Consultants and as the business grows there will be increasing opportunities for those consultants. Indigenous consultants who successfully contribute to the success of the business will be offered shares in the ownership of i2i thereby increasing the number of Indigenous owners over time. Consultants on the register are currently skilled in the following areas: - Rural community development, business facilitation and international development assistance  - Womens empowerment  - Health and education programs  - Education, especially school to work transition  - Indigenous artwork design, communications and media  - Remote community engagement and business support  - Chartered Accountant and corporate advisory  - Effective governance and security - Business and economic development Thei Services i2i increases the long-term prosperity of rural communities by empowering individuals and communities to access markets in a manner that maximises local business ownership and decent work opportunities as well as facilitates fair commercial partnerships and access to capital investment that will enable scalable economic impact for all market participants.   They do this by providing facilitation services aimed at making markets work for rural communities.  This is achieved through a three-phased process as outlined hereunder: Strategic Design is aimed at understanding the dynamics that operate within the community and broader region that prevent a successfully operating market system.  The i2i approach draws on the recognition that people who live their Indigenous culture and beliefs are more effective in engaging and capacity developing Indigenous people from developing countries.  To that end, i2i places significant emphasis on community engagement and obtaining a clear understanding of the constraints people face. Facilitate Change Process centers around capacity development of people in the community.  This is achieved through the establishment of project teams and close interaction with the key market stakeholders.  This phase aims to align strategy and improve the environment for conducting business.  This includes areas such as the adoption of new business models that incentivise farmers, improving quality production, partnering with financial institutions and the market, and sourcing investment in new technologies that enables community people to get deeper into value chains. Scale for Impact extends the networks to introduce strategies that will enable business models to replicate and grow. These strategies aim to significantly increase local incomes, provide far greater access to services for rural communities and enable a thriving private sector to develop through greater local entrepreneurship. The following provides a summary of the sectors i2i operate within: Managing Contractor Services Project design and management services to Government, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, delivered in association with GHD Pty Ltd utilising procurement exemptions under the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP).  Considering a range of opportunities that would benefit from the integration of Indigenous people to people links, including sectors such as program design, health, education, public diplomacy, sport, law and justice. Capacity Development Designing and implementing culturally appropriate programs that contribute to developing competencies and capabilities in individuals, groups, organisations, sectors or countries which will lead to sustained and self-generating performance improvement. Natural Resource Protection Recognising the significance of culture to Indigenous environments, programs are designed to minimise environmental impacts through sustainable practices as well as contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change. Monitoring and Evaluation - Provision of expert advice on evaluation design and practice   - Support improved performance management systems and practices - Support high-quality activity-level monitoring and evaluation Education Facilitation of projects that particularly aim to increase the successful transition of school leavers into the working environment.
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