• Organization TypeInvestment & Finance
  • HeadquartersSpain

Ibercaja Banco, S.A.

THEIR MISSION To help build better living conditions for families and companies by helping them manage their finances using comprehensive and customised financial services that will help them achieve their goals. THEIR VISION AND GOAL Being an excellent bank, improving every day, anticipating the needs of their stakeholders: Clients: they aspire to increase their market share thanks to being a bank with a personality of its own and well regarded by their clients. Shareholders: the challenge before them in the next three years is to turn Ibercaja into an attractive project, with the ability to attract new shareholders. Employees: they aspire to be a high performance entity, which consistently achieves and exceeds its goals, thanks to a professional and committed staff.   Society: Ibercaja will develop a banking model with a high degree of social awareness. CORPORATE VALUES CLOSENESS. Friendliness, simplicity and transparency are their bywords for interaction with their stakeholders, actively listening to understand their needs. PROFESSIONALISM. They meet the needs of their interest groups effectively and skilfully, with integrity and rigour. COMMITMENT. They promote trust among their stakeholders to meet their needs and establish long-standing mutually beneficial relationships. EXCELLENCE. They foster the spirit of continuous improvement and effort to anticipate their stakeholder's needs, surpassing their expectations and providing an outstanding service quality. SOUNDNESS. They are a trustworthy group that instils confidence, acting rigorously, prudently and coherently. ADAPTABILITY. They are proactive and flexible in order to adapt to changes around them. Ibercaja Banco is the eighth largest banking group in Spain and they always aim to offer excellent solutions to the financial needs of their three million clients. Their professionalism, closeness and social and regional commitment are just some of the features that distinguish them.  For more than 140 years, Ibercaja has remained committed to providing top quality financial services to individuals, institutions, freelancers and SMEs through more than 1,200 branches around the country and their highly professional team, comprised of more than 5,500 employees, or 24 hours a day at 'Ibercaja Directo'.
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Company Offices

  • Spain (headquarters)
  • Zaragoza
  • Plaza de Basilio Paraíso, 2
  • 50008