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At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, they are dramatically advancing the art and science of medical care through an atmosphere of intense collaborative learning, social concern, and scholarly inquiry. They pursue innovative approaches to education, research and patient care, combining the best traditions of medicine with the principles and entrepreneurial thinking of a startup, to uncover novel insights about disease. Building this culture of innovation requires making large investments and taking a transformative approach to discovery, which means taking risks and disrupting the status quo. In this way, they are transforming the practice of medicine and reinventing medical research to produce radically better outcomes for patients. They seek a variety of students who can contribute open-mindedness, empathy, social insight, medical, scientific, technological and engineering expertise, to change the very nature of medicine. They have developed a number of admissions and training programs to foster these advances and recruit multi-talented students from richly diverse backgrounds, in a non-traditional way. They continually pioneer innovative approaches in the medical and graduate education curricula that instill entrepreneurism, encourage critical thinking and equip the next generation of basic and clinical scientists with cutting-edge methodological and technological skills to translate scientific discovery into practice and improve public health. They have ambitious goals, preparing scientists, physicians, and leaders who will make significant contributions to local and global health care, remaining forever inquisitive in their quest for lifelong growth, learning, and contribution. They train in the classroom and the laboratory, at the bedside, and in the community. The unwavering commitment to intellectual exchange, multidisciplinary teamwork, and innovation continually drives us forward in discoveries, advances, and service. As a leader in biomedical research, they have hired accomplished scientists and executives with startup experience and melded them with Mount Sinai’s doctors and researchers, spurring new levels of collaboration among the faculty. They are an engine of discovery, creating new treatments for the patients who need them the most, working in partnership with leading high-tech companies.  They are on the threshold of a new era in precision medicine, and the mission is to cure diseases once thought incurable, changing the lives of patients worldwide.   The values are deeply ingrained in the School. When they opened the school’s doors in 1968, the founding trustees envisioned a new and progressive institution, embedded within the real-world environment of a working hospital. They called for the levels of passion, inquiry, dedication, knowledge, leadership, and innovation for which the School is renowned. Today, they train nearly 2,000 students and postdoctoral fellows each year, with several thousand faculty members in numerous clinical and basic science departments, multidisciplinary institutes and centers. The NIH funding is among the highest nationwide. They have built inspirational leadership, a comprehensive infrastructure, strategic affiliates, and a solid support system, as they train health care leaders for the 21st century amid the vibrant and diverse city of New York.

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