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Ignite Limited

Ignite Ltd. is founded by creatives with the overarching tenets of creativity and excellence first. While other agencies are happy to just ‘do business’ and ‘meet your budget’ they strive for more. Their partners come to know and appreciate us for their attention to detail in both their messaging and execution as well as their tireless dedication to research and development. While most firms tend to focus on the art OR the science of marketing, they specialize in melding both seamlessly together that results in nothing less than world-class results. Technologically, they are on the leading edge of software and hardware, but they understand that technology is but a tool they leverage to best craft their clients’ campaigns. Their strategies are designed artistically as possible with succinct and sublime messaging rooted scientifically in well researched principles of consumer preference and market data analysis. In a marketplace more crowded than ever you need to Amplify your Impact, you need Ignite Ltd. Services: Marketing. Research | Strategy | Planning Development | Public Relations Other agencies are in the business of selling you ads. Ignite is in the business of selling YOU and it begins long before a creative brief.This is the SCIENCE part of the process. Through careful research into your business, products and services combined with statistical insights into your target market segments, they are able to craft compelling messaging that is part and parcel of an overarching corporate and public relations strategy formulated to accentuate your core strengths and develop your fringe competencies. Advertising. Persuasive Messaging Across Television | Web | Radio | Print | Promotions | Product Placement And this is where your campaign takes center stage. Their long, tight relationships with all major (and up and coming) media outlets gives us unique insight into programming and placements that aren't just popular but RIGHT for you and your campaign. Why spend thousands casting a huge net when the audience you are seeking has specific media consumption habits that can be targeted with much more tailored and cost-effective placements? Aside from the usual TV, Radio and Newspaper, they are uniquely positioned to give you the best the Web has to offer and also have the inside track on special promotional possibilities and product placement opportunities. They have a wide net if you need it, but more than likely you'll want us to stitch together something especially for you; and it would be their pleasure! Production. Photography | 3D | Graphic Design | Illustration Videography | Video Editing | Mobile | Apps | Website Design This is where the ART comes in. With the most experienced artists and professionals in the industry, carefully crafted messaging is brought to life aurally and visually in ways you always imagined but never thought possible. Relentlessly honed skill meets cutting edge technology to capture, design, animate and Create interesting, engaging multi-media content to perfectly express your campaign messaging. The perfect artistic complement to their rigorously formulated strategies.
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