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ILIM Educational Complex



  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Institute
  • HeadquartersKyrgyzstan
  • Founded1993
Today you will become acquainted with a great team, "of Ilim", which has an interesting experience, achieves a specific purpose and is guided by universal standards of conduct. For you to be able to become a full member of their team and begin to contribute to their common cause, you need to find out their goals and objectives. Determine if their goals meet your personal beliefs and aspirations. It would also help to acquaint you with the standards of behavior that the team of "Ilim" is guided in its work. We begin acquaintance with Complex by clarifying its name. So, the full name of their Complex - "Ilim" Educational Complex (abbreviated "Ilim" EC). In accordance with the definition in the dictionary, "education - is a process of learning, training, education", "complex" - from the Latin complexus – bond, compound, combination. "Ilim" - translation from Turkic "Science." Complex name symbolizes the aim of their activity: to provide the education for practical purposes, education that gives a person the applicable knowledge in life.

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Company Offices
  • Kyrgyzstan (headquarters)
  • Bishkek
  • 6-b, Toktonalieva