• Organization TypeService Providers
  • Founded1984

Image Associates, Inc.

About For more than 30 years, Image Associates has provided graphics, photography, and other multimedia services to corporate and government agencies. Over the years IA has developed processes and approaches that ensure the delivery of high-quality products that accurately deliver their clients messages to Congress, scientists, the general public, and other stakeholders. Image Associates has a range of skills to develop materials that communicate marketing messages, scientific studies and research results. They have a history of working closely with their customers at corporate and government agencies enabling us to create more focused and useful materials. Their clients include scientists, technicians, engineers, and support staff from many corporations and institutes. Every client is as much an expert in his or her field as the IA staff is in the areas of multimedia production. Through their consultation services, they combine their knowledge and skills in multimedia production with the expertise of the clients to create products that effectively deliver their goals and objectives. These products range in complexity from the simple printing of a client’s files to coordinating multiple support services for public meetings and events. Since its founding in 1984, Image Associates has gained a solid reputation for excellent customer service. They are proud that the majority of their staff has been part of the organization since those early days and has helped maintain their reputation by always working in the best interest of all clients.
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Company Offices

  • United States
  • Durham
  • 5475 Lumley Road, Suite 102