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Impact Management Project

The IMP is a network of leading organisations working together to mainstream impact measurement and management. Since 2016, the Impact Management Project has brought together over 2,000 practitioners globally to agree on shared norms for how we understand, manage and report impact. Based on this consensus, the IMP has evolved into a network of leading standard-setting organisations who are working together to mainstream impact management. Everything they do affects people and the planet. Impact management is the ongoing process of figuring out which of those effects matter and trying to reduce the negative and increase the positive. This holistic impact-based view of management is part of an overall shift in the way that businesses and investors think about their role in society: rather than focus only on environmental and social risk management, or on intentional positive theories of change, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) challenge all enterprises and all investors to consider and communicate both their positive and negative impacts on people and the planet – and to improve those impacts over time. The Impact Management Project is a global network of standard-setting organisations who have come together to accelerate widespread adoption of impact measurement and management. The network is an unprecedented collaboration between UNDP, the GIIN, GRI, PRI, IFC, GSG, OECD, World Benchmarking Alliance, and Social Value International.
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