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Indonesian Research Institute for Biotechnology and Bioindustry (Pusat Penelitian Bioteknologi dan Bioindustri Indonesia) (PPBBI)

History Plantation research institute located at Jalan Taman Kencana No. 1 Bogor, currently called the Indonesian Biotechnology and Bioindustry Research Center, once had a big name and role in advancing and developing plantations in Indonesia. The historical carvings of the research institute began in the Dutch colonial era. From 1901 to 1916, six plantation research institutes were established in Java, two of which were located in Bogor, namely Algemeen Professional voor Thee, Professional voor Rubber. The building that stands majestically with a very specific model on Jalan Taman Kencana No. 1 was built in 1926. The building is a milestone of the greatness of the plantation research institute on Java during the Dutch colonial period. In 1933, it was reduced from six to three research institutions, namely West Java Profestation, Midden-en Oost Java Profestation and Besoekisch Profestation. The three were initially managed by Algemeen Landbouw Syndicat (ALS) but were later handed over to the Centrale Vereniging tot Beheer van Profestation voor de Overjarige Cultuur in Indonesia which is better known as the Centrale Profession Vereniging (CPV). In its journey, West Java Profestation was changed to Bogor CPV Profestation, Midden-en Oost Java Profestation became Malang CPV Profestaion, and Besoekisch Profestation became Jember CPV Profestation. In 1952 the three research institutes mentioned above were merged into one namely Profestation der CPV which is domiciled and based in Bogor, with Jember as its branch. Subsequently, in connection with the expropriation of Dutch-owned companies by the Indonesian government in 1957, the Profestation der CPV was renamed the Large Plantation Investigation Office based in Bogor with its branches in Jember. At the same time, Indonesisch Instituut voor Rubber Onderzoek / INIRO is located at Jalan Salak No. 1 Bogor (adjacent to the CPV building) was renamed the Center for Investigation and Use of Rubber. In 1968 the two research institutions were merged and renamed the Bogor Plantation Research Center. Starting in 1987 the Bogor Plantation Research Institute was under the management of the Indonesian Plantation Research and Development Association (AP3I). In 1989 the name of the Bogor Plantation Research Center was changed to the Bogor Plantation Research Center. In an effort to carry out plantation biotechnology research in an integrated and efficient manner, in 1993 the Bogor Plantation Research Center was changed to become the Center for Plantation Biotechnology Research. With buildings, facilities, and human resources that are still the same, finally, in 1996 the research institute that had previously had a big name in Indonesia was changed to the Plantation Biotechnology Research Unit (UPBP), an institution that de jure disappeared from the official organizational structure.
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