Once upon a time the god Indra made a large net to cover the whole world. Each point of intersection consisted of a beautiful, precious pearl. None of the pearls existed by themselves except as a reflection of each other and of all the pearls in the net. In turn the whole net relied on each individual pearl for its existence. The Mission of the Indra Congress The Indra Congress is a growing, global network of young people, artists, educators and others who share a commitment to the development of the arts as a crucial resource for peacebuilding and the non-violent transformation of conflict. Their vision is to use the language of the arts to challenge stereotypes, prejudices, inequalities and destructive myths, to build bridges, to promote empathy and to help build positive relationships across perceived boundaries and barriers. The aims of the Congress will be achieved through the development of a rolling programme of live regional, national and international Congress events, within a framework of ongoing grassroots activities, training, research and advocacy. The underlying belief driving the Indra Congress is that the creative arts have a unique contribution to make towards conflict transformation. It is a belief grounded in the power of creativity, compassion and the needs and demands of a just society. Aspirations for practice They aspire to: - provide an ongoing cycle of Indra Congress events, bringing young people, artists, educators and others together from all over the world to present and share their stories and the creative and committed work they do in their own communities - provide a package of courses and training programmes for working creatively with conflict in diverse contexts - work with partners in HE and elsewhere to build up a body of evidence for the efficacy of this work. Work with young people and education.  A major focus of Congress activity is with young people. Their aim is to work with groups of young people that: - wish to form and develop an Indra Congress group/centre - may already exist as a youth group but who wish to undertake specific Indra projects. The groups could be within a school, university, youth theatre, club or other setting. The groups may be anywhere in the world and will subscribe to the values and aspirations of the Mission Statement. Congress groups will seek to: - undertake peer led projects in their own community contexts that they then share with other Congress groups through social media and live Congress events at both regional and international levels - undertake shared exercises and projects with other Indra groups,  both virtual and live - undertake skills and awareness training in the creative arts, facilitation, group work and communication, mediation, anti-racist training and IT.  

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