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Ineo Energy and Systems (ENGIE Ineo)



  • Organization TypeWorks & Construction, Service Providers
  • Staff10,000+
  • HeadquartersFrance
  • Founded1891
With 14,840 employees and 300 locations in France, ENGIE Ineo works on projects for industrial and tertiary electrical installations, energy networks, public lighting, transport and telecommunications infrastructures, global security, production energy, information systems and outsourcing. ENGIE Ineo is part of the ENGIE Group, one of the leading energy companies in the world. Tertiary Towards ever smarter and more efficient buildings Improve building energy efficiency, deliver more services and uses to occupants: ENGIE Ineo supports its customers and their sites with these aims in mind but also with an eye to the future. Connected regions The digital revolution is also transforming how cities and regions function. It connects, breaks down barriers, simplifies, facilitates, secures. It also helps local authorities to fulfil their role for citizens. Defence Turnkey Defence and Security solutions As a specialist in information and communication systems as well as operational environments, ENGIE Ineo delivers Defence and Civil Security expertise through the deployment of a wide range of integrated solutions. Industry Connected, autonomous and smart industrial sites can now manage their production levels using data collected and via networks which feed their processes and facilities. Smart industry takes things to a whole new dimension. A revolutionary response to the major issues of the sector in terms of flexibility and competitiveness New energy sources The primary issue in the energy revolution is to meet the growing need for energy while limiting our environmental impact. Nuclear Through its expert nuclear entity, ENGIE Ineo enjoys a strategic position as a top rank designer and installer. They boast historical know-how, technical excellence in installation and renowned expertise in matters of safety. Outsourcing ENGIE Ineo: a service operator with a global vision, strong performance and availability commitments.

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Company Offices
  • France (headquarters)
  • Paris
  • 1, Place des Degrés