Inovio Pharmaceuticals

Inovio is bringing IMMUNO-INGENUITY™ to life and is reshaping the future of treating and preventing cancer and infectious diseases. Inovio's technology platform is capable of activating antigen-specific immune responses. With demonstrated efficacy in a Phase 2b trial, robust and targeted immune responses, a favorable safety profile, and a robust pipeline of product candidates across multiple disease states, the evidence to date is clear—Inovio is realizing the true promise of immunotherapy. Inovio's platform is achieving what no other approach has before: utilizing DNA and next-generation antigen sequencing and delivery to activate the immune system. Inovio's immunotherapies function exclusively in vivo, generating an antigen-specific immune response against targeted diseases in clinical trials to date. The science is at once, unprecedented and practical. It is the realization of the power of immunotherapy, exclusively in the hands of the physician and through the patient's own immune system. Today, Inovio stands poised to offer the benefits of this transformative technology to patients and healthcare practices in critical need. Inovio's technology has the potential to be a foundational approach in oncology, where other immunotherapies and targeted agents can be layered in as needed. In infectious diseases, Inovio represents a new hope for rapid vaccine development for preventive efforts, as well as new treatment modalities where cures remain elusive. The technology is here, the team is in place. Now is the time for activation immunotherapy. Now is the time for Inovio—where immuno-ingenuity is making the difference.  Inovio is putting IMMUNO-INGENUITY to work through collaborations with industry, academia, and government.
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Company Offices

  • United Kingdom (headquarters)
  • Plymouth
  • 660 W. Germantown Pike, Suite 110 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462