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  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • HeadquartersParaguay
  • Founded2006
Inpasa, Industria Paraguaya de Alcoholes S.A. is located in Nueva Esperanza, city on eastern Paraguay, Canindeyú State. It was founded in 2006 with the goal, then pioneer, to engage, in principle, to the production of ethanol derived from sorghum and corn cereals and sugar cane later. Carefully assembled with the latest generation machinery, after adequate training period to the staff; began the operations at the end of 2008.   Thanks to the consciously and gradual growth of the productive sector, in September 2009 the company achieved the production of 4 million liters ethanol monthly, this volume was exceeded by more than 5 million liters produced in December that year. At present, on the production area, the installed capacity of the distillery is for 450 thousand liters ethanol a day; that enables, freely, the monthly production of 12 million liters. For the production of crystal sugar the daily volume is 750 metric tons which equates to 15 million bags. In addition to the mentioned products ,it is also produced DDGS, 300 metric tons daily,  whose volume might be further increased by the proportional utilization of residues from the milling of sorghum and maize. In spite of the short period of its existence; ever since the beginning, Inpasa is growing and consolidating its presence in the segment by investing on all fronts concerning to itself, such as: machinery, civil, social and cultural works. INPASA has already attained more than 60% of domestic ethanol market, supplying to the chief companies of this segment like: Copetrol, B&R, PETROBRAS, PUMA, ESSO, MONTE ALEGRE, ALCOPAR and others. INPASA is the biggest producer of maize-based ethanol in Latin America.   INFRASTRUCTURE   Inpasa has its structure in constant development. Presently, in its agricultural subsidiary company there is a sugar cane planting, distributed in 7000 acres, from where more than 120 metric tons per acre is expected to be harvested. For the next season it is expected to reach a harvest over 800 thousand metric tons. The plant structure is conveniently prepared in order to absorb that raw material volume, to produce ethanol and sugar.   The plant was planned to produce ethanol (anhydrous and hydrated) and sugar from grains and sugar cane in a sustainable and economic manner. For this purpose it was assembled the modern plant, apt to process up to 9,000 metric tons cane daily counting on 6 crushers 38 "x 54" with individual units, "roll to roll" global unity and electric motors what ensures better extraction of wort consequently increasing the productivity. Two up-to-date boilers, producing 120 and 80 tons steam per hour respectively and two electric power generators capable to generate up to15.000 kw/h for the plant consumption are valuable auxiliary equipments to guarantee the smooth  course of the white sugar manufacture. The plant, assembled with the latest technology machinery all in stainless steel, has plain conditions to guarantee the high quality of the white sugar to respond the demand from the consumer market. All these numbers are possible because inside the structure we still have 750 direct collaborators and 3 thousand who are indirect, who offer services, as: suppliers of raw materials and inputs, machines, services, freights, agricultural producers and many others. All these advantages demonstrate the soundness of the company, which through its customers’ satisfaction demonstrate its competitiveness searching for a continuous and sustainable development.     RAW MATERIAL   In order to generate power for the world, INPASA, currently uses raw materials from natural and renewable sources such as sugar cane, maize and sorghum whose expanding use will stimulate planting to cover areas around the world.   Thorough care is given to the whole process, starting from the soil duly prepared for planting, monitoring the crop development the until a responsible harvest and then the transport of the feedstock to the plant where it is properlystored to be directed to the production line.   The investment in technology for high productivity allows to obtain high productivity causing minimum impact on the environment. All that work is monitored by highly qualified professionals aiming the maximum application of those processes through their knowledge and from the results acquired in the development of research. All this work is monitored by highly qualified professionals aiming the maximum use of these processes through their knowledge and results in the development of research. Thus, IMPASA is able to produce high quality goods to meet the expectations. Through these conduct IMPASA is getting visibility and respect from the domestic and international market over and over all these years.

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