• Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersSuriname
  • Founded2006

Institute for Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR)

The IGSR is, as a precursor to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, established in March 2006 by the Board of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS). The accommodation of the IGSR is financed by Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname NV. The IGSR is led by a management team consisting of Daniel Lachman PhD. MBA CMRP (director), Dr. Andrea Fernand (deputy director of research) and ir. Denise Kort (deputy director of training). The management is accountable to the IGSR board consisting of Dr. Robert Power, Dr. Eddy Jharap and Dr. John Codrington. Mission Monitoring the quality and level of the Masters and other post-graduate courses offered at Anton de Kom University Offering relevant Masters' and post graduate programs Strengthening and expanding the scientific framework of Anton de Kom University through the promotion of promotions, scientific research and publications. Vision The IGSR wants a dynamic part of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname to offer graduate-and post-graduate courses and research and to monitor the quality and level of higher education and increase. educations The IGSR is responsible for the assessment and approval of the composed Master's curricula and offers incidental or one-off Master's programs in collaboration with national and international partners. In addition, the IGSR supports the development of master's programs at the faculties and facilitates this during implementation. In addition to the various Master's programs, but also beyond, some modules are offered to a broader public. In addition, the IGSR can develop tailor-made modules for ministries and organizations. The IGSR offers - within the various master's degree programs, but also beyond - some modules to a wider audience. In addition, the IGSR can develop tailor-made modules for ministries and organizations. Research and services Research is an essential part of the work of the IGSR. Due to a lack of own research resources, resources are sought via projects and via services. Various studies have already been mentioned among the chairs. Outside the chairs, services can be provided on special request, but the IGSR must have a certain affinity with the service or research to be provided. The IGSR has a good infrastructure with various rooms and video conferencing equipment, which is regularly rented out. Laboratories The IGSR has a " Biotechnological reference and research laboratory" laboratory . This laboratory is housed in the Celos building and is headed by Prof. Dr. Mohan. Publications The scientists of the IGSR publish regularly and have on average a higher output in terms of publications than all other institutes, faculties and institutions in Suriname. The Academic Journal of Suriname is an e-journal that manages the IGSR. The e-journal mainly publishes the results of scientific research in and outside of Suriname in various areas. Articles from the e-journal can be downloaded for free via www.adekusjournal.sr. International congresses, seminars, etc. The IGSR has a strong internationalization policy. Scientists are encouraged to participate in international educational learning moments. In addition, the IGSR maintains intensive contacts with various partner universities. Through the national and international network, the IGSR is involved in various conferences that are organized eg: The national energy conference (2008) The 'Brownsberg Caribbean Latin American Encounter' (every August) International Conference on “Capacity building in Urban Planning and Management in the Southern Caribbean” (March 2011) Suicide Prevention in Rural Caribbean, in partnership with the International Association for Suicide Prevention Regional Symposium in the Caribbean (May 2013) III International Congress on Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield ”(August 2013) Symposium "Child abuse", in partnership with the Post Academic Education Medicine Foundation Suriname (October 2013)
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