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Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT)

Based in Barcelona and supported by a diverse range of donors and a prestigious Board and International Advisory Council, IFIT is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to helping fragile and conflict-affected states achieve more inclusive and sustainable transitions out of war or authoritarianism. IFIT’s core work is to provide independent expert analysis and advice on integrated policy solutions for locally-led efforts to break cycles of conflict or repression. IFIT focuses its field work primarily at the national level, engaging directly with senior policymakers and civil society leaders. It aims to bring greater coherence to the policymaking process in national dialogues and transitions, acting as a source of integrated advice for local actors on their most important policy priorities. At the same time, IFIT cultivates strategic alliances with like-minded donor partners, multilateral agencies, and leading global organisations and peer networks (e.g., EPLO and AfP). Through its global work, IFIT fosters the development of an institutional knowledge and body of practice that can help make possible the more evidence-based approaches at prioritisation and integration that global policymakers have long sought. MISSION   IFIT's aim is to help fragile and conflict-affected states achieve more sustainable transitions out of war or authoritarianism by serving as an independent expert resource for locally-led efforts to improve political, economic, social and security conditions. IFIT seeks to transform current practice away from fragmented interventions and toward more integrated solutions that strengthen peace and democracy in countries attempting to break cycles of conflict or repression. OBJECTIVES Vis-à-vis its primary interlocutors, namely, senior policymakers and civil society leaders at the national level: An increased understanding of the confluence of interrelationships between democracy, economic reform, rule of law, and security in contexts of national dialogue and transition. The analytical skills and practical tools to apply an integrated approach in setting priorities and responding to a country’s specific transitional risks and opportunities. Greater knowledge of the most relevant cross-cutting lessons from other transitions. Increased willingness and ability to bridge society-society and state-society divides and work toward a more inclusive national vision and dynamic. Vis-à-vis the intended final beneficiaries, namely, affected populations: Increased levels of democracy, economic development, rule of law and security resulting from the improved performance of national policymakers and civil society leaders, as well as of multilateral agencies and donor states. VALUES Integrated: Through a deliberately multidisciplinary approach, IFIT provides customised analysis and advice on the linkages between the essential components of successful dialogue and transition. Strategic: IFIT provides problem-solving support based on context-specific needs and realities identified through private interchange with a broad range of national actors, rather than applying formulaic or ‘government-out-of-a-box’ approaches. Professional: IFIT seeks to apply best practices in the timeliness and quality of its outputs and activities, and maximum transparency and accountability in matters of funding and finance. Global: IFIT makes its expertise available on a worldwide basis, and strives to ensure diversity in the nationality, race and gender of all of its staff, consultants, practice groups, brain trusts and governance structures. Locally-owned: IFIT does not take decisions for national actors, nor fund or implement such decisions. Instead, it brings comparative knowledge and creative ideas to assist locals in achieving their own self-defined objectives and priorities.
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