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  • Founded1992

Instituto Cultural Steve Biko

The Steve Biko Institute was founded on July 31, 1992, on the initiative of black and black teachers and students who - in a pioneering way - created the first Pre-Vestibular course for blacks in Brazil. In many meetings in the gardens of the Faculty of Economics of the Federal University of Bahia, in the center of Salvador and based on antiracist struggles around the world, there was an urgent need to bring together black militancy at the national level around Education. The Institute then emerges seeking the insertion of blacks in academic space as a strategy for their social ascent and the fight against racial discrimination. The Education of the Institute is born out of the recovery of its ancestral values ​​of its students, based on the Black Consciousness Movement spread by the South African Bantu Stephen Biko in South Africa. Hence the name of the Cultural Institute Beneficent Steve Biko, chosen In honor of one of the fiercest fighters against the apartheid regime of racial segregation. In its pedagogy, the Institute is distinguished by the discipline of Citizenship and Black Consciousness (CCN), which teaches in the classroom, the self-esteem and the struggles of the black people in the fight against racism. In the discipline, students are led to rescue the Afro-Brazilian culture, highlighting the religiosity, the ancestry and trajectory of activist references in the fight against inequalities. With this, Biko seeks to influence the posture and thinking of young blacks. The Steve Biko Institute is today recognized among the main organizations of social movements in Bahia and Brazil, having already received the National Human Rights Award (1999) and the World Citizenship Award, granted by the Bahá'í Community of Brazil Brazil in 2003. All of its projects are financed through support from national and international institutions and companies, as well as social investment from individuals from all over the world. Are your projects underway: -The Pre-Vestibular Course, preparing 70 young blacks and blacks for the Universities;  -The Oguntec Program, forming and stimulating 35 students in the areas of Science and Technology; -The Exchange Program, which consists of exchanging experiences, visits, lectures, etc. With black and black students from other countries.
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