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Intellectual Ventures

Founded in 2000, Intellectual Ventures is a privately-held invention capital company. They are building a market for invention by making invention a profitable activity. With more than $5 billion under management and more than 40,000 IP assets in active monetization programs, they own one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing intellectual property portfolios, which they license to the world’s most innovative companies. Quick Facts More than: 40,000 IP assets in active monetization programs $5 billion under management $2 billion in licensing revenue $400 million paid to inventors 800 team members worldwide 4,000 active inventors and 400 universities and institutions in our international network Business Model Build They invent and collaborate with world-renowned experts, including Nobel Prize contenders. Scientists and engineers at our IV Lab facility invent technology-based solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Buy They acquire inventions from individual inventors, companies of all sizes, brokers and sellers, and then compile the patents into industry-focused portfolios. Partner They source inventions from a global network of inventors and assist with developing, patenting and monetizing those inventions. They partner with universities, government institutions and research labs to incentivize the process of invention. License They engage with companies of all sizes to minimize their Invention Gap™ exposure—the difference between the invention rights they have and the invention rights they need—and we act as a strategic partner for present and future intellectual property needs.  At Intellectual Ventures, we have a highly-visible presence in the IP and patent landscape discussion. But you may still ask “Who is IV” and “What is their mission?” Let us break it down for you in our own words. For more than 12 years, IV has been the global leader in the business of invention. Our mission is to energize and streamline the invention economy while producing a financial return for our investors. We manage and grow our invention portfolios by partnering with leading inventors, collaborating with pioneering companies, and investing both expertise and capital in the process of invention. What does IV do? They believe that ideas are valuable. They're creating a market where patents have value. They file for patents on their own inventions and we purchase patents from inventors, universities, governments, and companies around the world, helping inventors realize commercial value for their inventions. IV also partners closely with inventors to help them generate new inventions and shepherd those inventions through the patenting process.  Is IV a venture capital company? While there are some similarities between Intellectual Ventures’ business model and a venture capital firm, IV is not a venture capital firm. They are an invention capital company. Like a VC, part of our business is focused on funding the creation of new ideas. Similar to private equity, part of our model is focused on investing in existing ideas that may be trapped in distressed companies or are no longer valuable to their current company. In all cases, their focus is on investing in invention as a stand-alone asset. What is invention capital? Invention capital is a new type of market where intellectual property is funded like any other asset.  What areas does IV invest and invent in? IV’s invention portfolios span a wide and diverse range of technologies in more than 50 areas, including wireless, networking, semiconductor, hardware, biomedical, energy, software, and ecommerce, among many others. How does IV make money? IV has several different ways of generating revenue, including licensing our invention portfolio, launching spinout companies, divesting assets, and doing joint ventures. IV also dedicates time and resources to inventing in areas related to global good causes, such as malaria eradication and vaccine transport.  What does IV Lab do? Intellectual Ventures Laboratory conducts advanced research on some of IV’s most promising ideas to demonstrate an invention’s feasibility and potential for commercial or humanitarian use. What type of research does IV Lab conduct? Unlike traditional university or corporate research facilities, the Lab specializes in proof-of-concept work. The broad range of IV’s invention activity requires the IV Lab to have a breadth of expertise across fields including computer network security, computational modeling, electrical and mechanical engineering, software development, chemistry, microbiology, materials science, nanotechnology, physics, medical devices, and aerospace engineering.
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