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International Design Services International

Hybrid conflict. Non-state actors. Digital hacktivists. Tribal politics. Advanced technology. Ancient beliefs. Rapid adaptation. Strategic uncertainty. Declining resources. Rising extremism.   Today’s national security challenges are complex and multidimensional, requiring adaptive, interagency responses.  For more than a decade, IDS International has delivered innovative training, research and operational civil-military services to help address these 21st century challenges. We are seasoned soldiers, aid workers, diplomats, intelligence professionals, cyber warriors, technical experts, political advisors and more, with a common understanding of how to train for and operate in conflict zones and transitional areas. Our team of interagency experts and field practitioners operate and train together daily, building on our global multidisciplinary understanding of challenges, best practices and new approaches. This wide range of perspectives permits us to serve as a liaison between civil society, military, government and technology to enhance coordination and effectively solve complex security and political problems.   Mission IDS International is the leader in innovative civil-military solutions to complex national security challenges. We provide government and private sector clients with the highest quality services tailored to customer requirements. Our strengths include depth of experience, a wide range of expertise and a problem-solving culture.   For all of its capabilities and expertise, the U.S. government is made up of bureaucracies organized in well-defined stovepipes, making collaboration and adaptation sometimes difficult. IDS International works with the military, diplomats and commercial and development organizations to overcome these challenges by providing them with collaborative and adaptive solutions.
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