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The lack access to insulin in developing countries leads to a high rate of avoidable deaths in those suffering from Type 1 diabetes. While globally there is no shortage in insulin production, there are still many individuals with Type 1 diabetes who do not have access to a reliable supply of insulin and therefore specific supply solutions need to be found at country and regional level. The IIF’s Mission is to: Create sustainable nation-wide access to affordable and reliable sources of insulin through projects that improve distribution and the educated use of insulin by people with Type 1 diabetes currently unable to obtain it. To improve the access to insulin for people with Type 1 diabetes by: - Increasing the availability of insulin through improved tendering arrangements; and - Improving distribution to and storage of insulin at Regional and District levels. To improve efficacy and sustainability of diabetes management for people with Type 1 diabetes by: - Increasing the awareness of appropriate acquisition, use and storage of insulin; - Improving diabetes monitoring by local health personnel, people with Type 1 diabetes and their carers. To collect accurate information on diabetes prevalence, incidence and morbidity/mortality in participating countries to help local country health authorities plan for future health programmes. To advocate for and foster research into improving the access to insulin. To secure commitment by government health departments or other competent health organisations to give the highest priority to the sustained provision of insulin to those whose life depends upon it

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