• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersSouth Africa
  • Founded2004

International Knowledge Management (IKM)

The key to serving their purpose is bridging the knowledge gap among various tiers of society. The information divide and lack of access to information are major impediments to a better life for local communities. They bridge the knowledge gap by assisting people at ground level to do research on their own realities, to digest and analyse such information, and then to disseminate the results. ‘Voices from the ground’ can then be heard by planners and decision-makers, by donors and society at large. Amongst other methodologies and techniques, IKM uses participative filmmaking, participative rural appraisal and a range of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) mechanisms in pursuit of its aims and objectives. They believe that ‘good ideas can change the world, but only if they are shared’. IKM operates as an altruistic and philanthropic institution, on a nonprofit basis, as a Section 21 company. It supports deserving projects from any entity that has a similar vision or goals to those of IKM. While some projects reach IKM through its members and respective organisations, all entities - especially those at ground level - are encouraged to approach IKM for assistance in developing projects. IKM strongly believes in networking and engaging a range of tried and tested partners in the implementation of its projects yet constantly engages in the development of new partnerships. IKM members collectively decide on the organisation’s possible involvement in the projects proposed. VISION Their Vision is a world where essential information is shared for the improvement of people’s lives; one in which the information gap is increasingly being bridged and higher levels of sustainability of ecological, social and economic systems is achieved through effective knowledge management and information sharing. MISSION     To build up a network of people extending way beyond our organisation who believe in the aims of IKM, and will put effort and resources into the pursuit of our collective Vision To gather information relevant to sustainable livelihood in its widest sense and act as a management centre of practical knowledge and lessons learned together with our partners To harness all available technology and information sharing mechanisms in order to spread information to those who need it most, especially those that are far from conventional learning centres To support the practical implementation of knowledge, plans and projects that will improve livelihoods in ways that are sustainable ecologically, socially and economically To create and foster partnerships that will bring additional value and power while ensuring local ownership of initiatives as far as possible and in doing so, generate lessons learned to support the replication of successful initiatives  
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Company Offices

  • South Africa (headquarters)
  • Cape Town
  • 35 Theiler Lane Irene, Centurion,