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International LGBTQI Youth and Student Organisation (IGLYO)



  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersBelgium
  • Founded1984
IGLYO- The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth & Student Organisation is the largest LGBTQI youth and student network in the world, with over 95 members in 40+ countries. Strategic Objectives Building young activists -To work directly with young people to build their confidence and abilities and equip them with lifelong skills to become leaders within the LGBTQI and wider human rights movements -To widen young people’s perspectives and build international solidarity through peer learning, cross-cultural exchange and intersectional approaches -To provide young people with opportunities to explore and express their individuality in a safe and supportive environment -To grow a strong and diverse group of youth allies to support and advocate for the human rights of LGBTQI youth Increasing the visibility and highlighting the diversity of LGBTQI youth identities -To change attitudes in society and influence decision makers on all levels by ensuring LGBTQI young people’s voices and experiences are present, heard and affirmed -To support and promote positive youth role models within the LGBTQI population and celebrate their diversity -To ensure youth perspectives are included within the wider LGBTQI movement and that LGBTQI perspectives are mainstreamed within the youth movement -To embed intersectional approaches throughout their own and their members’ work to ensure diversity within their movement is visible and actively recognised Making education safe and inclusive for all -To ensure safe and inclusive educational environments for all LGBTQI young people by working with their members, governments, experts, teachers, parents, and learners. -To raise awareness of the issues faced by LGBTQI youth in education through innovative campaigns and resources Developing and sustaining an engaged and connected network of member organisations -To support the work of IGLYO’s members, especially around youth engagement and development -To encourage international cooperation and increased partnership work across the network through international meetings and online platforms -To support younger organisations and groups to develop through mentorship and advice Funding IGLYO is committed to the sustainability of the network’s financial future. They are currently funded by European Union,  the Council of Europe European Youth Foundation and the the Government of the Netherlands. IGLYO is not a grant making institution and does not distribute funds. IGLYO’S organisational documents can be found under the Resources section of the website. As a youth development organisation, IGLYO builds the confidence, skills and experience of LGBTQI young people to become leaders within the LGBTQI and human rights sectors. Through cross-cultural exchange and peer learning, IGLYO also creates a powerful collective of youth activists across Europe and beyond, who can share strategies and visions, and foster values of international solidarity. Finally, IGLYO ensures the voices and experiences of LGBTQI young people are present and heard by decision-makers at European and international levels. IGLYO achieves these outcomes through international trainings and events, targeted capacity building programmes, intercultural exchanges and peer learning, online tools and resources, and digital story-telling and campaigning.  

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