• Organization TypeWorks & Construction
  • Staff101-250
  • Development Budget5 Million - 25 Million
  • HeadquartersBelgium
  • Founded1982

International Marine and Dredging Consultants (IMDC)

International Marine and Dredging Consultants (IMDC) n.v. was founded in Belgium in 1982. For over 30 years IMDC has been providing specialised, water-related engineering and consultancy services for public authorities, engineering offices and contractors on a worldwide base. They offer services in the following fields of expertise: Dredging Offshore energy Flood risk Waterways Integrated water management Monitoring & environment Coast and estuaries Ports and offshore structures IMDC’s experts are highly qualified engineers and scientists with a broad and in-depth know how in their field. Their personnel is also skilled in supporting domains such as numerical modelling, in-situ measurement techniques and GIS. IMDC guarantees quality of the work through well defined procedures and is the holder of an ISO-9001 quality certificate. The technical and administrative teams of IMDC can rely upon extensive computer facilities and highly sophisticated and specialised commercial and in-house built software. IMDC is also able to offer the facilities of its parent company, the Tractebel Engineering group, for any large port and lock design project or economic feasibility study as well as for the consultation of any expertise within their wide range of engineering portfolio. Natural waters play a vital role in our daily life. The seas, the estuaries and the rivers are among the most valuable environmental assets on the globe.  Moreover, they contribute heavily to our welfare, constituting an essential element of the waterborne transport cycle (through the infrastructure of waterways and ports).  Climate change(s) as well as sea level rise risks have pointed out the vulnerability of these assets, leading to a growing need for a more sustainable way to manage these indispensable resources.  For almost three decades IMDC has been acquiring vast experience through water related studies such as flood risk assessment, hydraulic modeling, coastal protection, sedimentation risks, dredging engineering, blue energy, river training works, inland navigation, port infrastructures and offshore installations.  From the very start IMDC has been systematically expanding its knowledge through research and development activities which are implemented in close collaboration with a broad range of European universities and research entities.  IMDC guarantees the quality of its work through well-defined procedures set out in its ISO-9001 certified quality control system.  Both the engineers and the administrative team can rely on state of the art technological facilities including highly sophisticated and specialized commercial software as well as in-house developed software.  IMDC’s case load is as varied as the background of its engineering staff. Current clients include international organisations such as the European Community, the World Bank, governmental departments, port authorities and industrial agencies. Since its founding in 1982, IMDC has been active in over 50 countries worldwide, thus establishing a strong international reputation.  Expertise in Water IMDC offers highly skilled expertise to tackle a wide range of water-related issues. Their staff has a varied professional background and worldwide experience in dredging engineering, hydrodynamic modeling and integrated water resources management.  MARINE & ESTUARINE SYSTEMS Their capacity to analyse complex hydrodynamic and morphological systems is based on thorough knowledge of the physical processes combined with detailed in-situ survey campaigns.  This enables them to provide solutions for harbour siltation and salt intrusion problems, thermal spreading and turbidity plumes.  DREDGING IMDC can cover just about any stage of a dredging project, ranging from an initial site visit to detailed designing efforts, drawing up contract documents and budget estimates, to supervision and expert missions.  They also handle the specification and selection of dredging equipment including assistance for the innovation of dredging technology. COASTAL ENGINEERING Due to the global sea level rise, coastal protection is becoming a hot issue. IMDC provides an extensive range of services based on the combination of profound theoretical know-how in hydraulics, morphology and risk analysis as well as broad experience in technical solutions. Their preference goes to natural and sustainable options wherever feasible. PORT AND OFFSHORE ENGINEERING IMDC focuses on the hydraulic design in Master Planning, port layouts, erosion protection structures and breakwaters.  Furthermore, any kind of dredging and reclaiming related problems can be tackled (channel design, turning circles, mooring forces, etc). In the offshore field they provide wave analysis and morphological studies, scour protection design, optimisation of cable and pipeline routes.  BLUE ENERGY Since the onset of the energy crisis and the Kyoto protocol, people have become more aware of the fact that their future lies in renewable energy sources. Thanks to its extensive hydraulic know-how, IMDC is able to contribute to not only finding the best options for offshore wind farms but also  to participating in studies which identify possibilities for wave and tidal energy solutions.  Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) systems are yet another expertise their company is proud of.  RIVER BASIN MANAGEMENT The management of river basins requires an integrated and sustainable approach based on an exhaustive knowledge of hydrology and hydrodynamics. IMDC can provide a wide range of services such as detailed river modelling, real time flood forecasting and flood mapping, inundation risk analysis and flood risk management plans. WATERWAYS & INLAND NAVIGATION Waterways are a key component in any sustainable transport system. Based on thorough knowledge of both natural and man-made waterways they can provide solutions for waterborne transport needs including the definition of required river training works, the reduction of maintenance needs and the conservation of ecological values in vulnerable stretches.  The definition of optimal navigation routes as well as the set-up of River Information Services (RIS) and lock transit planning are part of IMDC’s experience. HYDRAULIC DESIGN An erroneous design of water intakes or outlets often leads to suboptimal solutions with excessive abrasion and/or recirculation problems.  IMDC can provide an in-depth analysis of your hydraulic systems (water intakes, outlets, pipeline systems and sea outfalls).  The proper definition of your requirements will lead to an economical design with low maintenance costs during the exploitation of your system. ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Their primary environmental concern goes to water-related problems, with special attention given to reducing the ecological impact of hydraulic works and dredging projects. They encourage the beneficial reuse of dredged material and a permanent monitoring effort to understand and minimise the on-site impact of marine activities. IN SITU MEASUREMENTS AND SAMPLING IMDC organises project specific measurement campaigns to acquire the necessary data for any complex hydrodynamic or sediment related problem. They work with the most up-to-date equipment, a great deal of which is developed in-house.  For the presentation of the results we have developed a powerful computer tool that can be easily adapted to produce custom-made reports.       
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Company Offices

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