International Social Marketing Association (iSMA)



The International Social Marketing Association advances social marketing research, teaching, and practice throughout the world. They develop and coordinate projects that will benefit social marketers worldwide. Social Marketing applies marketing models, theories, tools and techniques to promote socially beneficial behaviors, ideas, and actions. The academic discipline of social marketing has been established since the 1960s. The use of the social marketing approach has proven effective in public health, environmental protection, occupational safety, and economic development worldwide. Vision They envision a world in which social marketing is a widely valued and utilized approach to improving individual and social well-being. Mission Advance social marketing practice, research and teaching through collaborative networks of professionals, supporters and enthusiasts. Educate the public, organisations, professionals and governments about the value of social marketing to facilitate behavioural change and social progress. Develop, document and market international standards and best practices in social marketing theory, research and practice. Encourage and enable wider use of social marketing in addressing complex social issues. Foster and support the development of local, national and regional social marketing associations.

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