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International Technology Management Corporation

International Technology Management (intem) Corporation is the Philippine subsidiary of Intem Consulting, Inc., an international development management consulting firm with head office in Tokyo, Japan that has demonstrated extensive capabilities for successfully delivering a wide range of technical requirements for development projects under international cooperation programs. Intem has implemented projects worldwide with funding assistance from the ADB, World Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and USAID. Based in the Philippines, intem corp., implements development projects with emphasis on multi-sectoral capability building efforts. Barely 6 years from its spin-off, the firm’s international experience has garnered for its brand, a reputation for professional and quality assured management. Moreover, technology transfer is a key objective in Intem’s management style, operationalized through management performance/evaluation tools that link project’s objectives with specific (yet innovative) strategies that are adaptable to a specific country’s socio-cultural context. With wise resource management it has been able to aggressively develop into new markets in both “hardware” (infrastructure) and “software” (social) sectors. At the helm of this young company is its Filipino lady President and CEO, Dr. Bernadette V. Gonzales, DPA. “Nadet” to friends and partners, “BVG” to staff and project personnel, she has been responsible for putting up the Board and personally organizing her executive team. People know her to have no qualms about joining her troops “in-the-line of fire” so to speak as demonstrated by her recent stint in Afghanistan. Her work has taken her to Laos, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand and the many rural nooks and crannies of the Philippine archipelago. Her company has implemented over a hundred development projects ranging from master development planning (country, sector, detailed designs in equipment provision including construction works, community-based basic services delivery in health, education and social welfare and socio-economic feasibility/management of natural resources (ie., land, water) that benefits rural/urban communities in the long term. “Basically, we are Official Development Aid (ODA) Project specialists. So we provide management solutions for the funders, implementers and beneficiaries, enabling them from project identification stage to project implementation to monitoring and after-project impact & sustainability evaluation stages. So in a nutshell, we are enablers. As consultants, we do not look after technical issues and concerns alone. Rather, we are also very culturally sensitive. We really take time and extra effort to appreciate their situation and so they know we are really client-centered. “Maybe this is an advantage for Filipino development consultants. Many of us are really technically competent but beyond this, is also our warm heart and concern for fellow developing countries and this shows in our kind of work and the quality of relationship we are able to build with our clients. They know they can trust us more because we know where they come from. It’s from where we are too!” Already behind her desk at 8 in the morning, Nadet is animated and her eyes twinkle as she explains Intem’s core principles. “We emphasize the integrated relationship that cross cuts the economic, technical, institutional and environmental aspects in any project implementation. A key strength of Intem’s projects is the provision of sustained institutional strengthening of multi level stakeholders (national, regional and community-based) through various and integrated capacity building initiatives.”   Nadet is a sharp but jolly leader whose sense of humor easily puts one at ease. But mind you, she makes sure her team always gets the job done no matter what. Through some very tough times, she has pulled here team through with a clear sense of direction and a master’s handle on the task at hand. Whether as a general minding global operations from the Philippines office or as a field commander in local and foreign assignments, Nadet has proven her mental prowess and her leader’s heart inspiring a loyalty and confidence from both her own people and the clients themselves. Needless to say, she is an enviable time manager, juggling her intricate and demanding consulting work with her rigorous doctoral studies at the University of the Philippines’ National College of Public Administration and her equally demanding role as as mom and key inspirer to her 2 boys, Benjo, 19 and Andrei, 15. Apart from her AB-Economics preparation at UP where she also graduated with honors for her Masters in Public Administration, and PhD in Public Administration., she also draws from her wide work experience in key government agencies and as a voracious researcher of the latest in governance technologies. “Revisiting our status through the lens of the 7-S Framework, I can say that we are on-track in terms of structure, strategy and systems. We are all in client-centric mode and therefore share common business values. The skills sets within the organization are cutting edge and matching the natural aptitudes of the management and staff. We encourage continuous learning of appropriate technologies that enable us to deliver our marketing proposition in the most effective, efficient, relevant and sustainable manner. The targets we have set are all now within reach. Our paced growth strategy remains valid, steady and sure despite major changes in the market. Our people are motivated and continue to upgrade their skill sets. Our focus is to pursue our programs for the rest of our targeted short and medium term development milestones. “Scanning our systems in light of recent market trends, we are now evaluating options for technological change. This will be a thrust towards expanding our line of management solutions. Our core competence is management technology. As a consulting firm, our critical skill and sustainable competitive advantage is our expertise in getting to the heart of the problem so that the most viable solution can be made available to our clients. “This involves access to the most appropriate technologies as applied to diagnostics/problem analysis, keen appreciation of the global, regional and national and local context, recommending the strategic directions, the basic and detailed project design for the intervention, matching the implementation approach and methodology to the client’s current capacity/capability levels and at the same time, aligning this with the country’s and funding agency’s development agenda. “Our arsenal of weapons must therefore be only as wide and varied as our focus target sectors (we do not intend to be everything to everyone). From traditional hardware (infrastructure) and software (social services) projects, I am tasked as the CEO to evaluate the latest technologies that can build more competitive edge in our focus target sectors. The decision to acquire new technologies involves resource investments. We are already a tight, “right-sized” organization designed for mobility and flexibility so that we could move faster than our bigger competitors. Scale can easily be achieved by building strategic partnerships and joint ventures. There are no gaps in our mission and the core values we have adopted but we need to develop a new vision and goal set for the next 5 years in order to calibrate our strategies towards such goals and spur more growth. In our business model the driving force is the market. Our strategy is client-centric, our products are customized. We have zero inventory. Our structure is optimized per design. Our business is helping shape the environments that are beyond the control of individual organizations. Our customers are governments and bilateral/multi-lateral funding agencies. “Four years from its founding, by specializing in monitoring and evaluation for multi-sectoral ODA projects and leveraging on the mother company’s brand and experience, the company has successfully penetrated into a highly competitive market dominated by first-world firms and has established its name as evidenced by increasing invitations to bid for projects from the various bilateral and multilateral funding agencies and by the executing agencies themselves. “As a result of our continuous learning efforts, the firm has now begun to establish strategic presence in the Asian region (Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan) and has gained experience beyond its traditional Sectoral targets (Education, Health, Agriculture & Fisheries) to new fields (Social Protection, Environmental Health, Disaster Management & Recovery, Post-Conflict reconstruction, ICT).” “Ghandi said, the difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. This is what we set out to do, to build the bridges connecting the challenges to development to the solutions available. We build bridges across people and cultures, between individuals and teams, between systems and across sectors. At intem, we’d like you to be able to cross these bridges with us until we fulfill our vision of a better world for all.”
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