Intituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo (INTEC)

The first systematic conversations that led to the formation of INTEC took place in April-May of the year 1971 in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, when a group of university professors had the concern to create "a small institution oriented mainly to offer programs postgraduate studies in non-traditional areas, permanent education programs, executive programs and research. " On August 31, 1972, moved by the ideas of change that arrived in the country, they recognized the need to create a new teaching center "oriented to the strengthening of a scientific-technological-cultural infrastructure, capable of sustaining an independent economic and social development". INTEC has cultivated its international vocation through participation in university organizations, teacher and student mobility, the realization of institutional agreements and, increasingly with greater emphasis, through the internationalization of the programs it offers.
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Company Offices

  • Dominican Republic (headquarters)
  • Santo Domingo
  • Los PrĂ³ceres Avenue # 49 CP-10602, Los Jardines del Norte