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Their motto "Making mobility responsible" is their commitment to their customers, employees and the general public. Coping with the mobility needs of the population and the economy is in the area of ​​conflict between growing demands on the availability of infrastructure capacities and the operating requirements of public transport and the objective of reducing the environmental impact emanating from the transport sector. This area of ​​tension also covers the spectrum of our consulting activities. Here we deal in particular with the following questions:  What mobility needs are there today and how will these develop in the future?  How do these mobility needs translate into traffic flows today and in the future?  Which environmental impacts are associated with this and by what means can they be reduced as much as possible, in particular with regard to the discussion on climate and particulate matter?  How can the necessary infrastructure and public transport offers be financed?What role should users play here (in the form of tolls or fares) or private investors?  How does the transport market design and develop in technical, organizational and economic terms? They believe that the challenges of the future can only be solved through the efficient design of transport systems, in terms of transport, finance and overall economy. This requires sound analysis and forecasting to quantify the opportunities and risks associated with individual projects or entire strategies. Their consulting services range from the strategic level to operational implementation recommendations. The sustainability of their consulting philosophy corresponds to the long-term investment of their customer relationships. Thus once gained experiences are not lost after completion of a project and can be used in later follow-up projects. They receive the vast majority of our orders from regular customers, whom they repeatedly convince of their capabilities. They pass on the resulting efficiency gains to their customers.

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