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Inuit Circumpolar Council Greenland

ICC Greenland is the Greenlandic branch of the international organization Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC). ICC’s purpose is to ensure Inuit rights and community through culture and environment in a changing Arctic. ICC Greenland has a delegation of 18 elected representatives and is the organization’s supreme authority. The delegation shall if possible, cover a broad spectrum of the Greenlandic people’s interests. The ICC Greenland delegation today represents more than half of the population. A board consisting of five persons elected by the delegation manages ICC Greenland: the ICC’s international vice-chairman (ICC Greenland president) and the second member of the ICC’s international board and three other members. The election period is four years. ICC Greenland participates engaged in international, regional, national and local forums to establish dialogue and advocate for the incorporation of the resolutions and actions through the member organizations of ICC Greenland and the society to contribute to the national understanding and nation building. Furthermore the organization helps to assist and advise the public authorities and private sector to implement the decisions and policies adopted by the ICC so far as possible that it will be incorporated into Greenlandic legislation etc. 
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