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Iranian Space Agency (ISA)

Given the variety of activities being undertaken in the field of space technology and space issues around the world, the necessity of creating a unified organization in our country was an inevitable necessity. Space technology has fortunately attracted officials, experts, and professionals for many years, and to this day has brought countless positive and positive achievements, but there has been no specific trustee who can guide these activities centrally and in the right direction. This has led to the misuse of these resources. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the few countries in the Middle East region, has a long track record in satellite communications and has been a world leader in aerospace since joining some of the international space-related communities. . As mentioned, the establishment of an independent, centralized institution in space in our country was inevitable, and the vacuum of such an organization was strongly felt in domestic and foreign communities. In this regard, in accordance with Article 8 and 9 of Directive 68159 dated 22.09.1382 respected Islamic Consultative Assembly, headed by the president and a member of the Supreme Council of the space with the relevant institutions formed the basis of the approval of the establishment of the Iranian Space Agency was . Accordingly, the head of the Iranian Space Agency is the secretary of the High Space Council. The Iranian Space Agency, with the approval of the Supreme Administrative Council of the country on 2/8/2006, separated from the Ministry of Communications and merged several research institutes and institutes active in the field of space research  from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Science under the Presidency. It became a republic. With the formation of the eleventh government, in  February of this year, with the approval of the Supreme Administrative Council,  the Iranian Space Agency returned to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in accordance with its Statute. One of the tasks of the High Space Council is to policy and determine the general outlines of the system in the field of space, and the Iranian Space Agency will also be responsible for implementing these approvals. Since the decisions made by the High Space Council are inclusive and have both domestic and international dimensions, the tasks of the Iranian Space Agency will also be very important. It is one of the most important tasks of this organization to become more aware of the community and its officials and planners about the human achievements in the field of space technology and its applications in the most basic and obvious everyday needs to the most advanced ones. In summary, it should be emphasized that the governance of the spatial technology development activities and the peaceful use of space by the Transatlantic Space is the responsibility of the Iranian Space Agency. It is imperative to note that our country is always striving to exploit the scientific achievements of human beings for peaceful purposes and to improve the lives of the general public in the way it has been in the past, and has been and will continue to engage with international nations and communities. . Membership in international fora related to this purpose, including the Committee on the Peaceful Use of the United Nations Extraordinary Space (COPUOS) and the Organization for Space and Cooperation in Asia and Pacific (APSCO), and so o
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