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  • Organization TypeService Providers
  • Staff501-1000
  • HeadquartersMalaysia
  • Founded1994
Established in 1994, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, listed on Bursa Malaysia (ACE market) since 2002, IRIS Corporation Berhad (IRIS) is a MSC-status technology innovator and system integrator. IRIS envisions a sustainable future for all by bringing solutions to life. Bringing Solutions to Life is more than just their tagline. It captures the very essence of IRIS and motivates their innovative team to integrate disparate technologies together to create sustainable synergistic solutions. For over 20 years, IRIS has demonstrated unwavering dedication and focus to delivering technology-driven solutions that will enrich lives and change the world for the better. The future means something when IRIS can add value for shareholders and for society at large. IRIS Trusted Identification Division has pioneered numerous breakthrough identity products and solutions for greater national and trans-border security. Backed by a team committed to innovation, they designed the world’s first ePassport in 1998. More than 19 years later, IRIS has invented a solution that is now implemented globally. Today, in addition to ePassports, IRIS offers total Trusted Identification solutions ranging from smart card manufacturing, personalisation and system integration to secure document management system. IRIS also has a wide range of technologically-advanced smart devices ranging from basic card readers, biometric card readers, to multi-functional mobile terminals, kiosks and automatic gates to meet the growing needs of the market. With accreditation from EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa) and AMEX (American Expess) , IRIS also offers secure high-quality EMV and AMEX card personalisation in Malaysia. Along with experience in high volume secure card orders, they are able to offer the highest quality cards with the standard features of an ordinary payment card for all types of cards for banks and financial institutions: Visa and MasterCard chip debit or credit cards, PayPass and VisaWave cards, AMEX credit or charge cards, and ATM cards, all of which are endorsed and certified by ISO 9001:2008, American Axpress, Visa International and MasterCard International. In addition to payment solutions, IRIS also offers a comprehensive transportation and transit systems that includes cutting edge software, ticket/token vending machines/kiosks, contact/contactless cards and readers and point of sale systems. The security and reliability of their Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) solution can help to safeguard the transit and bus operators against ticket fraud and improve their profitability immediately. The high level of creativity and innovation among their teams has led to IRIS being the proud owner of over 40 patents, which includes: -2010/0245,034 : Method of reading Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) using Secure Access Module (SAM) for electronic chip based travel document or identification document -6,041,412 : Apparatus and method for providing access to secured data or area -6,111,506 : Method of making an improved security identification document including contactless communication insert unit Their commitment to excellence and high quality has earned them numerous accolades and world-class certifications including Asian Innovation Award 1998, CARDEX 2007 Award for Outstanding Supplier, SESAME Award CARTES 2007 for Best Identification Application, Global Leadership Awards 2013 for ICT Sector,  ISO 14298:2013 Security Management System for Secure Printing Certified, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013. An established player in trusted identification, they have a significant international presence in 32 countries across the globe. With their proven expertise, they offer their global clients smart cards, secure ICs, inlays, cards and passports personalization and issuance by adopting the latest national and international regulations and technological standards. IRIS Sustainable Development Division develops properties that meet the needs of the future through careful balance of social, economic and environmental objectives. This division also implements methodologies for modern integrated farming to increase food security. Their Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) with the Malaysian Government has resulted in the award-winning rural sustainable development programme, Rimbunan Kaseh which provide high-quality affordable IRIS KOTO IBS homes around modern farms that provide employment. The IRIS KOTO Industrialised Building Systems (IBS) solution is a fully integrated, high-speed building system. Since 2011, IRIS has manufactured pre-fabricated IRIS KOTO IBS panels to build energy-efficient and durable homes, schools and buildings. IRIS KOTO IBS demonstrates faster, easier, safer and better ways to build homes and structures that are both green and energy efficient. RIS Education Division shapes the future through quality education and professional development programmes designed to meet and exceed high standards of achievement in both academic and practical skills. Since its establishment in 1950, Seri Stamford College, formerly known as Stamford College has been providing quality education to Malaysians and the international community. The College has built on a heritage of educating and training people who desire and seek knowledge and success. From Seri Stamford campuses in Plaza Menjalara, Kuala Lumpur and in Melaka, IRIS continues the legacy of providing superior tertiary education and partnering with renowned international institutions of higher learning to bring more course offerings to students across the affordability spectrum. The College is MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency) accredited and JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam)/Malaysian Public Service Department approved. Vision of Sustainability Enriching Lives, Sustainable Future IRIS envisions a sustainable future for all. To fulfil a vision of a sustainable future, they embarked on a journey to discover, develop and deploy a portfolio of products and solutions that will enrich lives and change the world for the better. IRIS is a technology integrator and innovator with sustainable, comprehensive solutions for trusted identity, secure payments, financial services, transportation, waste management, renewable energy, energy efficiency, food security, agriculture, and sustainable development.

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