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What are the objects of IFUT? The advancement of higher education and research. The promotion and protection of academic freedom. The safeguarding and advancement of terms and conditions of employment. The safeguarding and advancement of professional interests. The provision of appropriate benefits. How does IFUT represent University Staff? IFUT is recognised as the representative of university staff opinion by the Government and bodies such as the Higher Education Authority. IFUT negotiates salaries and conditions of employment, using the Labour Relations Commission, Labour Court, Employment Appeals Tribunal and Rights Commissioners when necessary and has had several successes under these headings over the years. IFUT Branches have direct access to the governing authorities of their institutions through Negotiation Agreements. IFUT is a member of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and is represented on several ICTU committees, especially that dealing with the public sector, and on national committees such as the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, the National Policy Advisory Committee of the Minister for Education, and the National Women's Council . IFUT is a member of the Education International and a participant in the International Conference of University Organisations and is also a member Education International Europe (EIE) and the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE). As such, it has access to the OECD, EU, Council of Europe, ILO and UNESCO. In the international context, IFUT helped draft a UNESCO Recommendation on the Rights of Higher Education Teaching Personnel. In the case of ETUCE and EIE, IFUT has been a member of a Working Group on Teacher Education and of the Higher Education and Research Standing Committee; IFUT has drafted a document for the latter entitled The Place of Higher Education in Modern Society What other activities is IFUT engaged in? IFUT has organised seminars and conferences on topics of concern to its members and has published several of the proceedings, e.g. Educational Technology, University Government, Higher Education Financing, University Admission Policies, Innovation in Lecturing, University Planning, The EC and Third-Level, and University Legislation. IFUT has also organised workshops on teaching, examination methods, staff development and unit costs. The union publishes a regular newsletter which contains up-to-date information and articles on education developments, salaries and conditions of employment, and social welfare. IFUT Branches, known as Academic Staff Associations, organise various social and educational activities in their local areas.

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