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JAS prides itself on its exceptional service and competitive pricing that comes about through the hard work and skill of the people who make up the JAS organization. The mission of JAS is to focus on innovation and maintain a commitment to deliver the product securely and on time. This mission flows through its vast global network of 48 subsidiaries, hundreds of official agent locations, and 4,000+ employees across more than 100 countries. JAS' commitment to innovation in the fields of shipping, 3PL, and freight forwarding puts it in a unique class of select companies which concentrate on specialized projects as well as commodity shipping initiatives. JAS is a premier “go-to” company for those wishing to move cargo from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world. Through the use of advanced tracking technologies, sophisticated global communications, and a large team of experts across a broad spectrum of specialties, JAS is able to cost effectively handle the shipping of everything from tiny camera parts up to the massive components required to build an oil rig. Transporting cargo is a complex endeavor. Trust JAS to satisfy your most demanding requirements.

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