Javno Soobrakajno Pretprijatie SKOPJE (Public Transport Company Skopje)

The beginnings of the PUBLIC TRAFFIC ENTERPRISE SKOPJE date back to 1947 . Three years after the liberation of Skopje, at a time when the public authorities begin to organize life in the capital, with the Decision of the Executive People's Board of the City, from 11 July 1947, a decision is made to establish a city auto-transport company. The company was registered in the court register on January 17, 1948 , under the name City bus transport company. He celebrates his birthday JSP SKOPJE on the day he is registered in the court register. Passenger transportation is an obligation of the PUBLIC TRAFFIC ENTERPRISE as a public carrier. The company's archives say that it has begun transporting passengers on one line with five old vehicles seized in World War II. The first and then the only line number 2 was 6 km long, started from Kumanovska trosarina, through the street Bregalnica, Kay 13th November, Dimitar Vlahov, Ilindenska and ended in the City Park. Soon, the line number 3 from the settlement Avtokomanda to the settlement Vodno, and already in 1956, opened 9 new lines, with a total length of 86 km. The first buses were from the brands " RENO " , " SHKODA " , " KLOCKNER " , " STAIR " and later " KRUP " and " FIAT ". The first major purchase of buses was made in 1949, when they bought the first 10 buses of the French brand " Renault ", which were used until 1957. In the meantime, in 1953, the first double-decker buses from the English mark AEC were purchased, which were a real attraction for the City of Skopje, and already in 1962 the GSP now has 59 vehicles and a number of transported passengers of almost 30 million and over 3 million kilometers spent. With the rebuilding of the City of Skopje and the construction of new settlements, new lines are being launched and the fleet of the company is growing. New buses are being purchased continuously from year to year, so in 1980 JSP SKOPJE reached the total number of 300 buses.  In the period until 1989, JSP SKOPJE operates as the only carrier in the public city transport. The company covers the City of Skopje and the surrounding area with city and suburban lines - day and night. Today's figures are impressive. Annually, the buses of JSP SKOPJE pass 15.5 million kilometers, carrying more than 50 million passengers. Citizens are taken from 496 city and 505 suburban bus stops, which according to needs are deployed on 36 city and 42 suburban lines. It has two autobas that are located on the opposite ends of the city, serving the same number of vehicles and practically representing the heart of the public city transport. The staff structure was always composed of highly professional staff, since working in such a system always requires a high-quality and professional workforce. The employees operate in 7 work units, of which a small part is in the administration, and about 600 are bus drivers.
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Company Offices

  • Macedonia (FYROM) (headquarters)
  • Skopje