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JD Consultancy

JD Consultancy was established in Australia in 2004 by seasoned general manager and business leader, Jonathan Dutton. With over 30 years experience across several industries and in a variety of senior roles across sales & marketing, procurement & supply and general management, Jonathan now works as an independent business consultant helping organisations achieve transformational change and growth through applying his core values of focus, insight, reality and speed.   Jonathan's skill set is particularly strong in sales & marketing, driving top-line growth & bottom-line improvement. He uses his deep understanding of the procurement industry and buyers' mindset to develop incisive customer propositions and successful sales & marketing programmes - primarily in the B2B marketplace. He also has a contact-list second to none in the procurement sector, including many top CPOs. Well known throughout the procurement industry, Jonathan is also available for professional speaking engagements, training workshops and facilitating strategy meetings & round-tables. He often talks from his experiences on 'both sides of the fence' in procurement or in sales & marketing.  His unique style of humour, empathy and gravitas clearly resonates with the audience and has been a feature of his success for many years. This approach also features in his regular work in strategic communications.  He has produced, presented, hosted or spoken at over 300 events in the last decade or so. Jonathan has also produced, directed or presented over 100 corporate videos, been interviewed on live radio & TV and has himself interviewed one prime minister, a number of cabinet ministers, many CEOs and one billionaire.    A brief history of JD Consultancy 2001-2016  JD Consultancy Pty Ltd (JDC) was established in Australia in 2004 as a business management consultancy firm for Principal & Director Jonathan Dutton (JD) and wife Gabrielle. It was founded to follow on directly from the original UK version of the firm called 'JMDCL' which was first established in 2001, directly after Jonathan left Regus Plc following five years as Group Marketing Director. Since 2013, JD has again worked full-time as an independent management consultant and been enagaged directly under JDC by over 40 clients in that time. Gabby Dutton has worked since the inception of JDC in 2004 both supporting & promoting the JDC business and for her own primary client, marketing travel promotions agency 33 Degrees. Gabby Dutton has extensive travel industry experience in sales & marketing including corporate sales, agency support, CRS activity, professional travel buying, promotional work, customer service, winner management & marketing activity. From time-to-time, JDC also engages expert Associates and suppliers from JD's extensive contact network to help support client needs on an as-needed basis.  JD has worked in different capacities, different disciplines and different industries during this time. However, usually he has worked in a B2B context, often in a sales & marketing role, and rarely far from professional procurement - to which he has been close for over 30 years. Jonathan has also worked in business leadership roles and is a seasoned CEO, not-for-profit organisation leader and regular board member. Jonathan often works retained on a month-to-month basis (such as in non-executive Board roles), or working on fixed price projects for clients (on both sides of the negotiating table), or worked for simple day-rates to meet clients' differing needs (especially when he is frequently public speaking, presenting, training or facilitating).  Throughout all his assignments,  Jonathan works closely to the JDC core values Focus, Insight, Reality and Speed.  These symbolize the benefits of hiring small independent management consultants with compounded experience, deep insight and a pragmatic and agile approach to getting the job done. 
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