• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • Founded1905

Jinasena Pvt. Ltd.

The year 1905 signifies the start of an extraordinary journey for Jinasena Limited. It marks the beginning that was inspired by a vision and a voyage of discovery that has challenged business ethics. This is a story of a business that started small but has now transformed itself into one of Sri Lanka’s leading industrial and trading conglomerates with an unprecedented passion for success. The organisation was founded and established by the young visionary. Jinasena with an ambition to startup an engineering establishment which was to service and repair machinery. This was the first Sri Lankan owned business of that time and marked the beginning of change in the engineering landscape in Sri Lanka. Today, over hundred years on and three generations later, the business continues to hold pride of place in the community. Maintaining its position as a stalwart in the local business domain, the organization keenly demonstrates its avant-garde practice that helps it sustain its progressive outlook. Guided by a focused philosophy which combines vision, integrity and expertise, the business dynamics is well in tune to optimize its organisations strengthens, while also sharing the passion and determination of its founder. Jinasena Limited has been a household name for many decades and a quintessential facet of our legacy is delivering customised engineering solutions that enrich lives. The Jinasena Centric Water Pump popularized over five decades ago continues to be an integral part of our business heritage. It is a name that has passed through every household and still stands firm at the core of our business. Today, we have further fine-tuned the product portfolio to include innovative, cutting edge agricultural and industrial solutions that complement the needs of contemporary customers and most importantly presents an un¬¬matched consumer experience
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Company Offices

  • Sri Lanka
  • No: 186, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 08,