• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Founded1826

Joh Achelis and Sohne GmbH

Achelis is a long-established German trading company that was founded in 1826. It is headquartered in the Hanseatic City of Bremen, and has a network of associated companies and representatives in many countries in East Africa and South-East Asia.  Their export range is varied, yet tailored to the requirements of their customers, including government institutions, semi-state bodies, private companies etc. in the individual countries. Depending on their customers' preferences, they conclude contracts either as a principal party or acting on behalf of a manufacturer. Medical & laboratory supplies Their Medical Department is one of the leading suppliers of the entire range of hospital and laboratory instruments as well as materials on the East and South African markets as well as in Asia. They draw on more than 40 years of experience in this field. Their customers include university hospitals, supra-regional health centres, government departments, renowned private healthcare suppliers as well as laboratory and science centres. Apart from carrying out turnkey projects complete with assembly and installation, they also provide maintenance  and service solutions performed by their qualified technicians. Special vehicles and machines The export range of their Technical Department covers a wide spectrum of product groups.  Applying their special know-how, Achelis supplies government departments, semi-state and private companies with capital goods. They place particular emphasis on service and maintenance. Customers can rely on local Achelis companies with stationary and mobile workshop equipment and qualified personnel. They guarantee full availability of the vehicles and machines supplied, and offer service and maintenance contracts. What's more, some machines are available for leasing. Industry Their Industry Department team is known as a reliable supplier of equipment, spare parts and components for the cement, beverage, sugar and railway industries. Their customers value their services highly. One reason is because they provide top support in case of emergencies, breakdowns and system failures. Water Their Water Department supplies material, equipment and components to water utilities, construction companies and other industries. These deliveries include among other items water pipes made of PVC, PE, HDPE and DI for drinking water supply and waste water disposal, water meters for private households as well as all kinds of valves and water pumps. Energy Included in the product range of their Energy Department are among other things the supply of electric materials, components and accessories for overland power lines, transformer stations, distribution networks as well as for hydroelectric power plants belonging to state and private energy utilities, construction and commercial companies and industrial companies in all kinds of industries. Additionally they carry out small-scale projects in the field of transfer and distribution networks as well as small hydropower stations – managing the whole project right up to completion.
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Company Offices

  • Germany (headquarters)
  • Langenstraße 30