• Organization TypeFoundation
  • Staff51-100
  • HeadquartersBrazil
  • Founded1975

Jose Bonifacio University Foundation (Fundacao Universitaria Jose Bonifacio - FUJB)

José Bonifácio University Foundation, a private non-profit legal entity with headquarters and jurisdiction in the city of Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, established on December 17, 1975, has the purpose of promoting and subsidizing programs for the development of teaching, research, culture, science, technology, literature, arts, sports and ecology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, as well as to monitor the achievement of the objectives established in those programs.  The idea of ​​creating the José Bonifácio University Foundation came from the recognition that there were serious bureaucratic obstacles that prevented UFRJ from fully fulfilling some of its attributions, especially in relation to the promotion of scientific research. The way for the creation of the FUJB was opened by the Statute of UFRJ - approved May 6, 1970 - which, through its article 123 § 2, authorized the university "to establish a foundation for the economic exploitation of the assets available from its patrimony , in order to promote and subsidize, with the income received, programs of development of teaching and research. In addition to UFRJ, which sold its property to the Foundation's Patrimonial Fund, other institutes contributed to FUJB's initial equity, including: Petrobras, Eletrobrás, INB, CPRM, Caemi Group, Cia Progresso Industrial do Brasil, Refinery of Petróleo de Manguinhos and Cia. Docas S / A. All of them approved the FUJB Statute, which had already been approved by the University Council of UFRJ at the session of September 26, 1974. Thus, on December 17, 1975, the University Foundation José Bonifácio was born, with the mission of "promoting and subsidizing programs for the development of teaching, research, culture, science, technology, literature, arts, sports and ecology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, as well as to monitor the achievement of the objectives established in these programs ", as stated in article 4 of its Statute. The first president of the institution was Prof. Octavio Gouvêa de Bulhões, who had been Minister of Finance between 1964 and 1967, and the first Secretary-General, then Secretary-Executive, Prof. Manoel da Frota Moreira. The FUJB of the first years had 17 employees, divided into only two superintendencies: SAP (Superintendence of Support to Projects) and SAF (Administrative and Financial Superintendence). At that time, the Foundation occupied two offices: one at Av. Pasteur no. 250, 1º and 2º decks, and the other at the Rectory building on Fundão Island. With its own resources, the Foundation restored the building of Av. Pasteur, 280 and in 1984 began to occupy it as its sole headquarters. By a joint decision of FUJB and UFRJ, the new headquarters was called Frota Moreira Pavilion, a well-deserved tribute to the Foundation's first Secretary General. In its almost 40 years of existence, the Foundation has grown, increased its number of employees, extended its services to the academic institution and extended its operations to all UFRJ units. It was, however, in the contributions given to UFRJ that the Foundation grew more. If it is true that the FUJB is dedicated to the mission of "promoting and subsidizing development programs" of teaching, research and extension, so it is undeniable that there have been many changes in this field too - and for the better. Until 1998, FUJB's activities focused on managing projects developed by UFRJ units, supporting hospitals, importing equipment and promoting scientific research. In this phase, there are remarkable achievements, such as the notable increase in the rendering of services performed by UFRJ units, Since 1999, the FUJB has expanded its scope of action. This did not result, of course, in interrupting or reducing previous activities, which today, as before, constitute their main fields of activity. But it marked the beginning of a new era, in which the Foundation launches to entirely new tasks. Examples include the increase in aid granted for the development of teaching, research and extension activities; the raising of funds to provide services; the works carried out at the Maternity-School of UFRJ, in Laranjeiras; the restorations and reforms in the Institute of Pediatrics and Childcare Martagão Gesteira; the remodeling of the wards and the works on four floors of the University Hospital Clementino Fraga Filho and the restoration of a historic building of the UFRJ located on Avenida Rui Barbosa in the neighborhood of Flamengo. In the nearly four decades of existence, the various leaders who have been here have taken care of preserving the institution's assets and have learned from it to withdraw income to invest in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In all this time, the Foundation's staff has been committed to providing the best services to the university. It will, therefore, be no exaggeration to believe that all these achievements have been only a stimulating beginning of a much longer journey.
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