• Organization TypeService Providers
  • HeadquartersChina
  • Founded1988


Jpigroup was first established on December 29 1988 when its founder Dr. JP Huang, while still pursuing his Ph.D. degree, received a fax confirmation of a consulting work from Mr. Norman Owen, Vice President Finance of Levi's and Mr. Tom Ting, Levi's President Asia Pacific. To put this date in historic perspective, 1988 was the year when in China Zhao Ziyang, already China's top leader as the Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party, formally resigned from the country's 3rd Premiership - Dr. Huang worked for him in 1986 when Zhao was the Premier - and China's total foreign trade volume in 1988 was only USD 103 billion, merely 7% of 2005's USD 1.4 trillion or half of the bilateral trade volume between China and USA in 2005. On the other side of the Pacific, in 1988 in the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush (Sr.) won the 41st presidency of the United States - he later became a Jpigroup acquaintance.    The Levi assignment was Jpigroup's first contract and as a result of this assignment, Levi's blue jeans started to appear in China's major department stores. This initial consulting practice became dba JP International when it obtained its second consulting client, Coca Cola, who hired the young proprietorship to evaluate alternative strategies to fight back the competitive pressures from Pepsi Cola who benefited from China's then less strict new FDI policy as a late comer.    The initial successes with such corporate household names as Levi's and Coke attracted more clients immediately leading to the incorporation in Delaware as JP International Inc., which set up its first China office in Beijing in 1990 when Dr. Huang graduated from his Ph.D. study and became the first full time employee of the company.    In 1996, JP International Inc. became JPI Group of Companies Inc. when majority of its revenue started to come from its own-and-operate business units other than its consulting units and its headquarters were officially moved to Beijing from Washington DC. After 11 years of organic growth, the company started its first external acquisitions and exits in 2000 and its asset base started to grow substantially.    JPI Group of Companies was re-branded as Jpigroup Inc. in 2003 when Jpigroup revitalized its investment advisory services and started its first private equity fund business. The name change more accurately reflects the shift in emphasis in the company's strategic focus and signals Jpigroup's commitment to meeting its new client investors' needs beyond its entrepreneurial investment activities with a broader array of financial services products and technological capabilities.    Developing into a leading private Chinese financial services company, Jpigroup now develops and implements value added China strategies for its individual, institutional and governmental clients and partners along with its own capital resources in the areas of food and agriculture, human capital development, healthcare, logistics, environmental engineering, technologies, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Jpigroup currently employs 900 staff and workers and has annual sales revenue in excess of USD 180 million.
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Company Offices

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  • Beijing
  • 25 fl., Tower A, The Spaces International Center Building,8# Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China