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JSC Zhasyl Damu

HISTORY JSC "Zhasyl damu" was created by converting the Republican State Enterprise on the right of business, "Kazakh Research Institute of Ecology and Climate" of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, pursuant to Government Decree #978 of 26.07.2012, and registered in the judiciary in March 2013 year. History of RSE "KazNIIEK" originates more than 60 years ago. The Institute was founded December 15, 1951 #4943 in Alma-Ata on the basis of the Almaty Geophysical Observatory to address hydrometeorological transhumance of the republic and its prey by the Council of Ministers of the USSR. First, as the Kazakh Research Hydrometeorological Institute (KazNIGMI) of the Main Administration of the Hydrometeorological Service under the Council of Ministers and then to ensure that the obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and other international agreements, as well as for the development and implementation of the State Environmental Policy hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 16 August 1995 #1129 on the basis of established KazNIGMI Kazakh Research Institute of Environmental Monitoring and climate (KazNIIMOSK), later reorganized into an independent legal entity RSE "KazNIIEK". For three quarters of a century made significant progress in the formation of a number of research areas, ensuring the development and implementation of state environmental policy, environmental security, development of environmental regulations and standards, improve environmental protection laws and the obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the international conventions for the protection of the environment and the climate. In 2012, the Ministry of the Environment under the Government's decision to reduce the quasi-public sector of the economy, part of the function of RGP were transferred to the competitive environment, and decided to reorganize the institution in JSC "Zhasyl damu" before which set new goals and objectives. THE MAIN MISSION OF JSC "ZHASYL DAMU" IS TO CREATE THE CONDITIONS FOR THE CONSERVATION, RESTORATION AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT. The main mission of JSC "Zhasyl damu" is to create the conditions for the conservation, restoration and improvement of the environment. As part of the execution of the mission have two main objectives: - Development of the management system and work directly for the management and disposal of all types of waste (within the competence). - Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the establishment and smooth functioning of the system of regulation and emissions trading of greenhouse gas emissions in Kazakhstan. Based on the objectives, the following tasks: - Ownerless waste inventory and statement on the government's balance sheet (including mercury wastes, PCBs, pesticides, etc.); - development of comprehensive measures and projects for the destruction and disposal of wastes economically unattractive; - create a network of branches in the regions of Kazakhstan to create production facilities for centralized waste collection and preparing them for onward transmission to the disposal (destruction); - establishment and operation of a modern meeting the requirements of the global community of trading carbon credits in the Republic of Kazakhstan including infrastructure (registry and cadaster) with the assistance of foreign experts (EU, U.S., Australia, Japan, etc.); - effective management of the reserve volume of quotas for greenhouse gas emissions; - participate in the development and improvement of methods of monitoring compliance with environmental legislation and draft regulations for the protection of the environment and the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions and waste management of production and consumption, in particular; - representation in Kazakhstan in negotiations under the UNFCCC; - professional support of the international conventions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (UNFCCC, Stockholm, Basel, Rotterdam, the Vienna Convention , the Convention on Long-range Trans boundary Air Pollution, the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone layer);
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