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  • HeadquartersSerbia

Jugokop-Podrinje doo

The main activity of the company - construction of hydraulic structures, civil engineering, asphalt production, transportation and mechanization, maintenance, exploitation and processing of stone materials. From the beginning of its operations to the present, the company has been constantly improving its business, whose trend continues. In recent years, the company has expanded its business scope by investing in various activities.   In October 2003, the company Jugokop-Podrinje privatized the company AD BOJA Sombor, whose main activity is the production of vertical and horizontal traffic signs and production of license plates. After a time of constant financial and material investment, as well as solving of personnel and business problems, Boja doo Sombor started through a promising company whose trend of growth and development is constantly continuing.    In November 2005, Jugokop-Podrinje founded a company called "Petro-kop" whose business is stone exploration. For this purpose, land was purchased at the site in the village of "Culjković" near Šabac, where after the geological investigations a surface limestone mine was opened, and the purchase of complete machinery and equipment necessary for carrying out the work on the exploration of the stone. In August 2009, Jugokop-Podrinje purchased a majority stake in the Podrinje Sabac Water Management Company, whose main activity is the arrangement and maintenance of watercourses and coastal fortifications. After only one year of business, VD Podrinje has become a stable company, with a positive business, and the ability to perform all tasks in the field of water management.    In spite of all the investments in expanding the scope of business, Jugokop-Podrinje has continuously made investments in its core business and expansion. "Jugokop-Podrinje" today has modern transport capacities and complete machinery and equipment necessary for the construction, arrangement and maintenance of a complete network.
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Company Offices

  • Serbia (headquarters)
  • Šabac
  • Janka Veselinovića 29, 15000 Šabac