• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded2016

Kakamega County Widows Empowerment Project (KCWEP)

Kakamega county Widows Empowerment Project is a community based organization (CBO)that is operational in the four sub counties of kakamega namely; - Malava - Mumias East - Navakholo - Shinyalu The organization was founded in 2016 but it was registered in March 2017 with the government of Kenya under the ministry of social services. Registration no is:- KAK/CCSD/CBO/005/2017. MISSION To advance social and economic empowerment to the less fortunate in the society (Widows, WLDS and Girls). VISION A society that embraces the rights of the less fortunate and their achievements. OBJECTIVES The main objective for the establishment of this organization is to reduce all the social Maladies that vulnerable groups mainly both young and elderly widows, orphaned and vulnerable children,people living with disabilities and women livingwithHIV/AIDSgothrough ranging from rejection, stigmatization and discrimination from community members, poverty,sexual gender based violence and domestic violence.In order to address this social problems and achieve this main objective KCWEP has prioritized the following objectives:- - To advocate for the rights of Womenand Girls. - To promote the wellbeing of widows and their children (orphans) in the community. - To create a channel where the less fortunate can air out their issues - To create awareness of HIV/AIDS/TB and other health deseases affecting women and girls. - To advocate for sexual reproductive health of women and girls. - To create income generating activities for sustainability - To invest in farming for food security and economic empowerment MANAGEMENT KCWEP is a community based organization situated in Kakamega County and it works hand in hand with its main target population mainly t6he less fortunate in societyand widows,who are grouped in already registered in self-help groups .In the KCWEP context, 10 to 15 self-help groups with in the same ward are grouped to form a cluster. All the women groups and clusters come together to make up the KCWEP CBO. KCWEP is Managed at 3 levels. The first and the main level comprises of the six Board Members of which four are women and two are men. The Board plays the following roles:- - They use the available means to raise funds to keep the organizational and project activities running. - They allocate different projects to clusters. - They monitor and evaluate every activity and project of the CBO. - They ensures funds from the donor are utilized and accounted for as per the regulations - The Board makes major decissions in the KCWEP CBO. - They also ensure sustainability of the organization. The second level is Office operational Management led by project director and the staffs. The managemnt is tasked by the Board in implamentation of the projects that target the beneficiaries e.g. widows, women living with disabilities and girls:- - They implement major projects in the organization. - They do field visits for supervisions to beneficiaries and write reports. - There are answerable to the board. - The help monitor group level activities e.g. table banking. The third level is at group level which comprises of the chairperson, secretary, treasurer and organizing secretary of the Self-help groups. These self-help groups are composed of more than 13 members in each group. Groups play the following roles in KCWEP:- - They are the working entities for the organization. - They implement small projects at group and individual level. - They are legal entities for the CBO because they are registered. - The collaborate with cluster leader to implement projects.
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