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Kosovo Energy Corporation sh.a. (KEK JSC) is the main energy enterprise in the Republic of Kosovo. It is vertically integrated and was incorporated at the end of 2005. The assets of the Corporation are fully owned by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. In different time periods KEK sh.a. underwent numerous changes. For a long time, Kosovo's energy system has been an integral part of the former Yugoslavia's energy system. During that period, electricity production in Kosovo was concentrated on the production of electricity from coal (thermo) and a very small amount from water (hydro). During this time, the supply of electricity was not only from Kosovo power plants, but also from other sources that produced electricity and were distributed throughout the territory of the former Yugoslavia. After 1999, KEK went through several phases of restructuring and organizational and operational changes, to finally mark the process of full separation and then the privatization of the electricity distribution and supply business, which ended in 2013 and now this business is privately owned, with full legal responsibility for distribution and supply of electricity to consumers. Today, the primary function of the Corporation is the production of coal and the generation of electricity. To fulfill these two functions, KEK is organized into two core Divisions, the Mining Division and the Generation Division. The Corporation operates with surface lignite mining, namely the Southwest Sibovc Mine, two power plants, TPP "Kosova A" and TPP "Kosova B". The functions of the Corporation are regulated through the policies of the Energy Regulatory Office of the Republic of Kosovo. The corporation has about 4700 employees in various fields of operation.
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