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Khanh Hoa Development Project Management Unit (KDM)

Khanh Hoa Development Project Management Board - is a Regional Project Management Board with the following tasks: To be the investor of a number of projects using state budget and non-state budget capital for development areas. urban; project management; undertaking project management entrustment; supervision of construction; assisting the Provincial People's Committee in performing some tasks of managing urban development investment for urban development areas. To learn about the activities of the Board, Vietnam Business Forum had an interview with Mr. Chau Ngo Anh Nhan, Director of Khanh Hoa Development Project Management Board (PMU). Period 2006 - 2014: The main task of Khanh Hoa Development PMU (formerly known as PMU Nha Trang) is to manage the coastal city sanitation project. - Nha Trang subproject, the World Bank's financing project with the goal of reducing floods, increasing environmental sanitation in a sustainable manner, thereby contributing to improving the quality of life of people, promoting promote the socio-economic development of Nha Trang city. The total invested capital of the Project is USD 93.6 million, of which the IDA credit capital from the World Bank is USD 72.3 million, the non-refundable aid capital from the Government of Japan is 1.83 million. million USD and reciprocal capital from the provincial budget is 19.5 million USD. The project has been completed on time as committed in the Agreement (November 2014), the project completion report (Implementation Completion Report) No. ICR00003346 was released by the World Bank on May 30, 2015 with the following criteria: assessing that the project's implementation results are satisfactory, the indicators of evaluating the effectiveness of the projects all meet and exceed the initial targets, showing that the project has been promoting a positive effect on the improvement. improve environment and contribute to socio-economic development of Nha Trang city. G IAI 2015 - present: PMU has been assigned many important tasks related field of project management from ODA, the central budget, provincial budget, BT project, planned in detail urban areas and management of urban development investment for a number of urban development areas in Nha Trang city. In which, some results have been achieved such as: To basically complete the preparation of the Sustainable Environment Project for coastal cities - Nha Trang sub-project, WB loan project, total investment of USD 72 million. The project is implemented to complete infrastructure for storm water drainage, wastewater collection and treatment in the northern area of ​​Nha Trang city, expanding the central household wastewater collection network in the central and southern areas. The city will strengthen traffic connection through the construction of embankments and roads south of Cai Nha Trang River and Chu Dong Tu Street. The Agreement is expected to be conducted in March 2017 and signed in June 2017 for implementation in the period 2017-2022. Completing the design and bidding of Ngoc Hiep Resettlement Project, implemented in 02 years 2017 - 2018 with 650 resettlement plots to serve the clearance cases by the Sustainable Environment Project and Other projects in the city. In addition to the above main tasks, 2016 is a year that also marks the in-depth participation of PMU in the field of urban development with the implementation of a number of other important tasks such as: commenting in connecting infrastructure of new urban areas to the common drainage network of Nha Trang city; coordinating with Nha Trang City People's Committee in the implementation of wastewater connection of households and organizations; coordinating with Investors and Department of Construction in managing infrastructure investment in Nha Trang Tourism - Commercial - Financial Urban Area (old airport); Contributing opinions to prepare important BT projects for urban development in Nha Trang such as connecting traffic of Nha Trang airport, Ngoc Hoi intersection, ring road 2.
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