• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • HeadquartersUkraine

Kharkov Thermal Networks (Kharkivski teplovi merezhi)

Kharkiv Thermal Networks utility company was established in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine", "On Property" and other legislative acts of Ukraine. Kharkiv Thermal Networks Utility Company belongs to the communal property of the Kharkiv territorial community in accordance with the decision of the 16th session of the Kharkiv City Council 4 convocation No. 191/03 of 24.09.03 “On communal property of Kharkiv”. The enterprise in its activity is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, decrees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, decrees and decrees of the President of Ukraine, decrees and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, decisions of the Kharkiv city council, decisions of the executive committee of the Kharkiv city council, decrees of the Kharkiv city mayor, other normative acts. Objectives of the utility; The status of the utility; Biography of the head of the utility; Annual report of the head of the utility; The structure, principles of formation and amount of the remuneration of the manager, including compensation packages and additional benefits they receive (or are entitled to) in the performance of their official duties and in connection with dismissal; Decisions of the subject of management of communal property objects in relation to the municipal unitary enterprise; Description of significant foreseeable risk factors that may affect the operations and performance of the utility unitary enterprise; Information about the contracts, of which the utility is a party, the information of which is to be published in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Openness of Use of Public Funds"; Information on operations and obligations of the utility with state and / or local budget, state and / or local institutions, enterprises and organizations; Management Report on KP "Kharkiv Thermal Networks" for 2018; Financial statements of the utility for the last three years; Audit report on the annual financial statements of the utility; Information certificate of the utility of Kharkiv Thermal Networks Company structure: The organizational structure of KP "Kharkiv Thermal Networks" has been reduced / complete A long-term program of technical re-equipment of the enterprise is developed at KP "Kharkiv Thermal Networks". Read more
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Company Offices

  • Ukraine (headquarters)
  • 11 Methodius st., Kharkov 61037, Ukraine