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King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD)

The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) was established by a royal decree in 2001 as a non-governmental organization. Its aim was to support the Jordanian community by driving human and infrastructure development. KAFD works to further develop key sectors in Jordan and improve local standards of living for all segments of the Jordanian community, targeting individuals, public and private sectors and civil society organizations. KAFD’s vision is to serve as a leading and innovative organization working to promote sustainable progress and elevate the socioeconomic status and prosperity in Jordan. Its mission is to empower the Jordanian people and community by pioneering human and infrastructure development and establishing sustainable public-private partnerships that operate in harmony with national development efforts. His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein issued directives to the government in December 2001 to establish a special fund to serve as the institutional umbrella that contributes to supporting efforts at all levels; developmental, social and educational. In implementation of His Majesty, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) was created as a non-governmental organisation to enhance productivity through implementing development projects that help alleviate poverty and unemployment in partnership with the private and the public sectors. The KAFD focuses on investing in human resources though providing necessary training and support to empower them to contribute to the development of the country's future in line with His Majesty's reform vision at the economic and social spheres. The KAFD works to harness the potential of the young people in Jordan and encourage innovation and excellence among them through developing their entrepreneurial skills and preparing them to penetrate the labour market. Thus, the KAFD implemented and supported a series of programmes and initiatives under the motto “Active Citizens, Creative and Qualified for the Job Market” to promote youth engagement and enhance leadership skills. The KAFD places a heavy emphasis on the youth sector and places it at the top of its priorities in accordance with His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein's directives. It implements a series of programme and projects that aim to engage the youth in the development process. The KAFD's activities are focused on five areas: Entrepreneurship: -In this regard, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) focuses on providing young Jordanians with all required financial, technical and logistical support to motivate them to excel and innovate. It also aims at increasing their engagement in their local communities to realise the desired positive change through implementinf five major projects that fall under this category, namely; the Democratic Empowerment Project, the Youth Empowerment Window, Financing Jordanian University Students' Graduation Projects, the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement (KAAYIA) and the International Travel Support Programme. Employability Development: -Under this category, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) implements projects that aim to boost the employability of young Jordanians and changing their perception towards work and how they can secure a job. The projects under this section include the Career Guidance Offices Project, DARB – The Summer Internship Project and ForUs.jo Portal. Community and Communication: -The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) implements several projects under this category that seek to make young Jordanians more engaged as active citizens and spread civic values and practices among the youth, especially those referred to in the Fourth Discussion Paper by His Majesty King Abdullah Ibn Al Hussein. The KAFD implements two projects under this section including the School Dialogue and Volunteerism Clubs Project and Juthoor Initiative. Capacity Building: -The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) implements four projects under this category that seek to develop the skills of young Jordanians and equip them with necessary knowledge and know-how. They include the App Challenge, the Civil Services Development Programme, the Jordan Gaming Lab and the Leadership Development Skills Programme. All Jordan Youth Commission: -The commission, which was launched in 2006, is a Royal initiative by His Majesty King Abdullah II and is implemented by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development. -The commission seeks to give Jordanians from all walks of life an unprecedented opportunity to speak out and to activate the role of the youth as true and influential partners in public life at the political, social and economic spheres though building their capacities and enhancing the culture of voluntary work and taking the initiative and connecting the various institutions working in the field of youth together. -The commission has 13 teams and branches distributed across the country's governorates. -Six projects are implemented under the umbrella of the commission including the " We Volunteer for Jordan", Productive Youth, "Our Future Roles", the Voice of Jordanian Youth, Messengers of Moderation Via Social Media and Improving English Skills of the Youth. -The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) implements several development projects in cooperation with the public and private sectors with a view to create income-generating projects for Jordanians in areas where percentages of unemployment and poverty are high. These projects include the Jordanian Company for Heritage Revival that also works to contribute to the development of Petra, Shobak, the Jordan Agricultural Produce Promotion Company that aims to improve the conditions of farmers in DeirAlla, Ghor Fifa and Al Qasmieh and the Ma’an Development Company that works as the master developer for the Ma’an Development Area. In addition, the KAFD established the Dead Sea Company for Tourism and Real Estate Investment that seeks to develop the eastern shores of the Dead Sea, the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts that aims to put an end to the culture of shame among Jordanian youth towards non-traditional disciplines of study and the Jordanian company for promoting heritage products that seeks to help improve the living standards of owners of small craft industries and provide them with a platform to promote for their products under the brand name of Urdon Shop. Objectives -Supporting pioneering projects and activities in an aim to enhance national productivity and create employment opportunities that lead to improving Jordanians’ standards of living. -Establishing pioneering developmental projects and companies across the Kingdom and offering technical support and consultation to develop them. -Contributing to building citizens’ capacities and promoting their professional development. -Creating programs and supporting activities that foster Jordanian youth’s innovation and excellence. -Promoting entrepreneurship through supporting innovation projects, research, and development. Areas of Work -Human Capital Development -Entrepreneurship And Business Development -Infrastructure Development And Sectors Support Beneficiaries KAFD’s programs and projects serve individuals, groups, companies, and public and private institutions by fully observing the fund's principles of transparency, productivity, profitability, sustainability, mutual cooperation, and effective funding. The fund hopes through full observance of these principles to achieve the envisioned economic and social impact while maintaining harmony with the modern economic mode of Jordan.  
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